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Mleiha Archaeological Center, Sharjah, UAE | #MacroTraveller

Located in the desert of Sharjah, in the United Arab Emirates, a visitor centre, awarded several prizes, celebrates an archaeological site from the Bronze Age and uses copper as part of a palette of resistant materials.

The Archaeological Center of Mleiha is part of an ecotourism project that seeks to protect the rich archaeology, environment, and wildlife of the region, creating a coherent and adequate environment to be considered a World Heritage Site. Wrapping up the circular tomb of Umm an-Nar, considered the most impressive Bronze Age funerary site in the area, the new building was designed by Dabbagh Architects and conceived as a double curve, similar to the spectacular Jebel mountains Mleiha.

About Mleiha


Embark on a journey through time to explore the history of the United Arab Emirates and learn about the traditional lifestyle in which the people of the region lived in that period of time. Live the real adventure deep in the desert of Sharjah and discover the secrets of ancient Bedouin culture in the region through interesting tours, diverse recreational activities, and breathtaking landscapes that capture hearts.


Discover new effects with the ongoing excavation program, which ensures you a lot of archaeological treasures awaiting detection. The Mleiha Ecotourism and Archeology Project is a new tourist attraction for visitors and is a unique example of history, nature, culture and fine art to provide a new entertainment experience for adventurous lovers. Mleiha is a special place for car tours on the sand dunes and the desert safari.

About the Mleiha Center for Antiquities

Enjoy your access to the Mleiha Archeological Center, which hosts the whole family, to learn about the nature of the region’s life in the past, and to look at the collection of artefacts presented. The environmental and archaeological context of the area was taken into consideration when building the centre. Parents will be able to leave the children to play in their designated area, go on a trip from their horseback riding trips, and gaze at the scenery from where you sit on the roof with a telescope that will allow you to stare at the stars after sunset. I would say its suitable for all ages.


Natural Mleiha Landscapes: Rock of the Fossils and Camel Rock

Embark on an exciting off-road adventure in the Mleiha area, enjoy stunning views from the top of the fossil rock and camel rock peaks, and guide your guide to the right time and place to stop and take beautiful pictures of the sunset and moon appearance. Suitable for three years old and above. Please keep in mind wear appropriate footwear, while walking through the dunes, as we had too much heat from the sand it was burnt!

About Polaris Extreme Adventure 

Call all seekers of excitement! Enjoy a tour of the Buggy and live the excitement and challenge in the desert of Sharjah. Breathtaking experience gives you the opportunity to explore the enchanting landscapes and stunning locations of Mleiha. Suitable for 12 years and older.

We had a great time, a well-organized trip, including the dunes, relaxing in the desert watching the sunset, barbecues, and bonfires. Well done Mleiha. I will be back after the summer to see what else there is to discover!

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Destination Sharjah
Explore Sharjah Museums | #MacroTraveller
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