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Minion Labs Wins Top Industry Awards

India is an emerging land of start-up, innovation, technology and cheap products. Through the years we have seen many new products being introduced by start-ups, and we are thankful for the same. Every start-up is being backed up by the government, MNC’s and Businessmen who are trying hard to introduce new products and be the best of the year. If they fail for the current year, they will strive hard to win the concurrent year.
Out of the many start-ups, Minion Labs from India has recently won Industry 4.0 Internet of Things award where the company’s product Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence helps to save electricity cost. With these actionable insights, the product gives massive savings on electricity bills and the product currently monitors over 1 lakh assets in real-time. With the product, one can enable transparency and cut the energy cost by 30%.
About Minion Labs
Minion Labs is a start-up which is known for its energy efficiency for cities, businesses and consumers for the internet of things. With their use of ML and AI, they research and manufacture products, systems and services which are energy efficient.
  The main agenda of Minion labs is to reduce carbon footprint, prevent climate change and make people lives safer and comfortable. The company also strives hard to help businesses productive and make cities livable in a sustainable way.
The company strives hard to continue with excellence the product that they are researching and they will do R&D which invents new ways to enhance the ecosystem, reducing carbon footprint and make it easier for people to work in this environment.
Awards and RecognitionBeing an industry leader, Minion labs has already won many awards. The labs have created history and record where it has received 37 awards both national and international within 3 years of incorporation. One of their latest awards is from the Startup India which is the brainchild of PMO of India where DPIIT has awarded Minion Labs the Top Industry 4.0 Internet of Things (IoT) Awards at the National Startup Awards 2020.
The ceremony was held on October 06, 2020, and was attended by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Union Minister & Minister of Railways & Commerce Mr Piyush Goyal and Minister of State for Commerce & Industry Mr Som Parkash, India.
With the award, Minion Labs are being encouraged to research and develop more such products which are useful for greener India.
For more information : https://www.minionlabs.tech
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#MacroTravellerTech Lifestyle
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