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Michelin 3 Star dining at The Eight in Grand Lisboa Macao

The restaurant is located in the Macao Peninsula Grand Lisboa Hotel, 2nd Floor, with the appearance of a large number of “8” elements and goldfish, water and other landscaping, the whole restaurant to go grand low-key style. The crystal ball in the restaurant is also characteristic, the overall design in the noble and a little mysterious magic. The Eight Grand Lisboa is a piece of pure land, hard to imagine in such a noisy hotel. There are between such an elegant restaurant, attentive service, exquisite and delicious meals. If you want to experience Michelin stars, The Eight is the first choice!The restaurant has three Michelin stars and requirements to it in connection with this special Service and wine list (presented in the form of iPad apps) no complaints, the interior is also exquisite, but the food is above average. Decoration design, space, and service in the restaurant are the best, as for the quality of food, its prices are supposed to be such a specific price can go to the official website. But to be honest, the food quality is simply the best among all Michelin star Cantonese restaurants I have been to including Hong Kong.

The Eight is an elegant restaurant with a menu of mostly Cantonese and Southern Chinese cuisine. The eatery is most famous for its Dim Sum. The starters and desserts were on the house which was a magnanimous gesture from the restaurant.The Dim Sum was unbelievable. Everything is tasty, sometimes curious, but it is not a fantasy, but quite a mundane kitchen. The DimSum were delicious, meticulously and lovingly prepared and have an enjoyable meal brought. We tried the abalone tart, porcupine char siew bao, green mushroom dumpling, yellow Siew Mai with a gold topping, char siew (very delicious soft & juicy), roast pork, goldfish prawn dumpling and several other dim sums. (Note: I ate only vegetarian dishes)


The pastry is the signature port of “8 Restaurant”. Vivid and meticulous goldfish shape, eat shrimp deliciously fresh, lovable and delicious. Cute hedgehog pork roast package, the taste of the filling Xiancha salty incense, good-looking delicious.


Selection of French foie gras, under the barbecued pork, sauce to taste, this dish is one of the famous dishes, in the variety of packages. Piglets with subcutaneous fat, delicious, stained with the sweet sauce more taste, the next point on the roast suck pigs.

Hong Kong and Macao is a base camp for roasting meat. The roast goose was very delicious, crispy skin, tender and juicy; the sauce is the standard authentic, finish aftertaste. Suckling pig is also one of the “8 Restaurant” signature dishes, crispy and crisp, with stuffed rice inside. Shrimp fresh shells, seasoning exactly! Stores often have innovative dishes.

Most of the dishes were very good and some with the very interesting presentation. The dining experience was excellent and would revisit when I am back in Macao.

For more information: http://www.grandlisboahotel.com/dining-en

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