MG Motor India launches a car-less retail showroom

In this era of use of technology, along with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, we feel that the objects that we use daily can also be viewed without the product/object physically not being presented in front of us. We have been growing at a fast pace with regards to technology where we can notice one or other products/services being available to us via holograms/AI and VR technologies.

One such concept is being incorporated by the British Automobile Brand, Morris Garages (MG). Morris Garages is a British Automotive brand founded in 1920, currently Chinese Automotive Giant SAIC Motor Corporation Limited, this brand is known for its first fully internet cars. MG entered the Indian market in 2017 where they opened a manufacturing unit in Halol, Gujarat. And the sale of cars was opened to public starting 2019. The corporate head office of Morris Garages is located in Gurugram, Haryana.

The first product the MG released in India was MG Hector which is a mid-sized SUV, naming British Actor Benedict Cumberbatch as its brand ambassador, MG Hector quickly became one of the named automobile brands in India. Currently, the brand is gearing up to release their second product eZS which is an all-electric car.

MG has around 5 showrooms here in Bangalore, Karnataka and one of the kind showrooms opened recently that does not have a live car to showcase for its consumers. The new facility offers immersive visual experience with an Interactive digital display along with voice assistants. Through its new set-up, the company aims to reduce overall costs that takes while opening the showroom having physical cars displayed at showroom.

Speaking about the new showroom, Rajeev Chaba, President and Managing Director of MG Motors India said “The first Digital Studio is a pilot project and showcases our vision towards the future of automotive retail without a car on display. With the growing importance of omnichannel brand presence, we believe that such showrooms represent the next-generation network footprint in the automotive business.”

The MG Digital Studio offers immersive use of technology with AI-based human voice recognition. Apart from the Interactive Visualiser, the Digital Studio also offers Augmented Reality and other digital engagement tools for customers. With inputs from a touchscreen panel, a giant display shows interior and exterior features of the car, specifications etc. Another touchscreen display provides feature comparison between the Hector (including variants) and other SUVs in the market. The Digital Studio will have two cars attached for customers to test drive.

The idea and concept was a plan and joint venture with Mumbai-based Eccentric Engine which has done 3D visualisation.  There are 3 stages which are showcased here before you choose your car.

1st Stage includes registering your details in the Database with few questions of driving preference of your car. There are interactive screens present here where you can configure the car based on the provided database. 2nd Stage includes the configuration of MG Hector based on the customer base, there are many interactive and touch screens present here where you can tweak the car configuration or its features based on your preference.  You can explore its various options from its i-Smart Technology along with voice assistants.  You can also change the colour pallet of the cars and proceed towards the 3rd stage.

3rd Stage includes your knowledge or details of MG Hector. Once these stages are done you can take a test drive the car physically. The showroom is compact, yet they have an area that showcase different accessories available for MG Hector like chrome handles, bumper protectors etc.  Thus MG Digital showroom provides new Interactive experience for its customers and also is a cost-cutting strategy for the company where it uses less physical space along with providing their customers with an AI-based technology. This is a completely different experience rather than conventional methods of Car Sales..

The first MG Digital Studio offers simple, yet, impactful and interactive product demonstration of the HECTOR, using digital tools such as ‘Immersive Voice’ and AI-based Human Recognition – features synonymous with the MG brand. Apart from the Interactive Visualiser, the Digital Studio also offers Augmented Reality and other digital engagement tools for customers.

MG Motor India has partnered with Mumbai-based Eccentric Engine for ‘One 3-D’,  Eccentric Engine has partnered with Digital Jalebi for the Interaction Design.

Digital Jalebi is responsible for the overall interactive design set up at the First Carless Car showroom by MG Motors India in Bengaluru.

Digital Jalebi started in September 2012, is engaged in designing interactive installations and software for spaces like museums, exhibitions and planetariums. With a varied background of design, software engineering, electronics and multimedia, Digital Jalebi offers end-to-end delivery starting from research, conceptualisation and story-boarding; to content generation, graphic design, animation, 3D modelling to development, fabrication and installation.

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