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Mauritius announces new premium visa

The island nation of Mauritius had introduced the #mauritiusnow campaign which we have covered in our last blog. And along with the campaign, Mauritius also announced a new visa which is targeted towards increasing the tourism for the islands which has been affected by coronavirus.

Calling the New Premium Visa, the government has agreed that the visa is valid for the period of one year and is renewable. The new visa details were announced on 23rd of October which is to encourage visitors for long stays and the government also said that the Islands are following the highest sanitary standards and protocols which will be maintained to ensure safety for visitors and nationals to ensure that the islands is covid-19 free place.

Amid coronavirus, this new measure is a lifeline for travel and tourism and also serves as an opportunity for tourism operators to come up with innovative packages to attract tourists. The government also ensured that the island is safe with regards to coronavirus and one can work here as there are many idyllic spots for work and leisure.

The Premium Visa allows for visitors from countries listed in the Eighth Schedule of the Passport Regulations. The following categories of visitors are eligible:

  • Repeat tourists who had planned to retire and migrate to Mauritius before the COVID-19 pandemic and are also looking to seek shelter at coronavirus safe haven.
  • Investors and professionals who wish to come with their family and work remotely from Mauritius. They also have the possibility to offer this facility to their staff members.
  • Visitors who have children studying in Mauritius.

In order to be qualified for New Premium Visa by Mauritius, one needs to provide an evidence of long stay plan and must have adequate travel and insurance plans during initial period of stay. The visitors main place of business or source of income should be outside the Islands and they will not be allowed to enter Mauritius Labor Market.

Destination Mauritius
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Destination Mauritius
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Destination Mauritius
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