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Mauritius announced free vaccination for long-term visitors

Mauritius has recently announced that it will be extending its covid-19 vaccination programme to include long-term tourists and those who are aged over 18.

The country has also offered free renewable long-term visas which is a perk for visa holders to stay in the beautiful Island nation. And reportedly, those who are willing to stay longer here will be included in vaccination drive.

This vaccination drive is a part of an effort to reopen its borders fully and welcome international tourists to the island nation located in the Indian Ocean and off the south-east coast of Africa. It is home to white sandy beaches and two UNESCO world heritage sites.

Mauritius relies on tourism as it is one of the main contributor of GDP and it has been welcoming digital nomads and retirees with long-term visa plans. Under Mauritius Premium visa, a visitor can spend as long as 12 months and can be renewed which is something that the government hopes to motivate for visitors to stay on this beautiful Island and spend time here.

Regarding the vaccination, Mauritius stated that it will be providing all Premium Visa Holders who are aged above 18 with Oxford-AstraZeneca Covishield vaccine. However, to qualify for the visa, one has to meet certain immigration requirements and also ensure that they are generating enough income from outside the country.

Furthermore, they will have to ensure that they have health and travel insurance, a negative Covid-19 test results and have to quarantine for 14 days at a government approved facility

Destination Mauritius
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Destination Mauritius
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Destination Mauritius
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