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Masks mandatory in flights and airports in India

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has made masks mandatory in flight and at airports in India.

This needs to be followed by all the airlines mandatorily.

The mask rule mandate came after India records over 5000+ cases of covid in a matter of 24 hours.

Before this, India was going through a ‘relaxed’ period of more than three months.

The sudden shoot-up of cases as the travel has reopened where flights have been allowed from domestic destinations to international destinations is alarming.

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Travellers need to obey the mask mandate and follow basic sanitary practices for their own safety and also the safety of others.

As per the new mandate, failing to follow the mask mandate and not following COVID-19 safety protocols for passengers, will be categorised as “unruly” behaviour and such travellers may be deboarded if the need arises.

Recently, the Delhi High Court has also issued a mandate that says strict action will be taken against passengers travelling by air if they don’t follow the mask and basic hygiene rules. According to the court, all such passengers will be booked, fined and will be put on the no-fly list

As per the new DGCA mask mandate, all airlines are to ensure that all of their passengers are masked up at all times. Should they find any passengers without a mask, the staff needs to supply them with masks and let them know about wearing masks in a repeated announcement.

Destination India
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