Many countries have banned visitors from the UK after the discovery of the New Strain of Coronavirus

Many countries such as Saudi Arabia, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Turkey have now closed their borders over the discovery of a new strain of coronavirus.

Soon after the discovery of the new strain of coronavirus in the UK, Netherlands has banned flights with passengers coming in from the United Kingdom from Sunday and a travel ban will remain in place till January 01. The Ban in the Netherlands came after UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and scientists announced a new strain on Saturday and it is up to 70% more infectious.

Soon after the Netherlands announced the travel ban, Belgium too followed with it closed its borders to planes and trains coming from the United Kingdom said Alexander de Croo, Prime Minister of Belgium.

The country is in touch with France which allows over the road transit passengers from Britain.

Meanwhile, Turkey and Saudi Arabia have also announced a travel ban for passengers coming in from the UK and places where new strain has emerged where Saudi Arabia has mandatorily ordered people arriving at the Kingdom from European countries should quarantine or self-isolate for two weeks.

Turkey also banned visitors from the UK where Fahrettin Koca, Turkish Health Minister said on Twitter “It has been reported that the rate of transmission has increased in the UK with the mutation of the coronavirus. Under the instruction of our President and in coordination with our Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, a temporary suspension has been issued for flights from England, Denmark, the Netherlands, and South Africa to our country.”

The Minister later continued saying: “Within the scope of the measures taken on the mutation risk originating from England, all passengers will be tested and quarantine rules will be applied for flights still en route.”

Special flights will be arranged to bring back the citizens from the affected countries amid the travel ban.

Morocco said it will be suspending air traffic from the UK starting late Sunday but the duration of the ban was not announced.

The new coronavirus strain is 70% more transmissible but does not appear deadly as the old one has been detected in The Netherlands, Denmark, the UK, South Africa, and Australia.

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