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Malnad Heaven – Mirra Restaurant | #MacroTraveller

JAVA Rain Resort stands out from the rest with its exceptional service, delicious food & amenities and the magnificent spacious villas with a lovely view of the wilderness of the Malnad region. A place’s culture transpires best experienced through its food. Whether it’s the spices or the procedure, great food can create memories which last a lifetime. At Mirra, their world-class chefs have gone to great extent to give the local cuisine a modern twist. The Mirra restaurant serves delicious food with an, even more, eye-pleasing view of the glorious sun and the lush greenery surrounding it. The sunset and rise were simply breathtaking!

Local Food and Cuisine of Chikmagalur: Malanadu food is known for its richness and spice, mainly enhanced by the flavors of coconut milk and having rice and fish curry as staple items of the local platter. The city is also known as ‘The Land of Coffee,’ you know there are coffee plantations here. Therefore, one must sip in some fresh and local coffee here.

All the meals are currently all at their restaurant. Mirra serves up North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, International cuisines and Local food. I’d recommend you stick to the delicious regional cuisine loaded with fresh spices. At breakfast, I was surprised to see Akki Roti being served, and it’s one of my favorite things to eat and best served hot. Although every day the menu changes, these items are top favorite Akki roti, neer dosas, nendranga chips (banana chips), chicken curry, Kakadu, and fish curry. Yummy! These folks sure know how to satisfy their guests.

The highlight of JRR is incredible service levels by all the staff and lip-smacking food. The food was very delicious with ample choices for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. I enjoyed the food and the dessert very much. They had a unique menu like leeches rasgulla, pineapple dip. I ended up having a lot more portion than I normally do as it was so yummy.

The JRR offers luxury at its best. Eventually, the entire team of Java Rain Resort was very gracious. Highly recommend the place!

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Luxurious Java Rain Resort in Chikmagalur | #MacroTraveller
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