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Malaysia scraps covid test for all incoming travellers

Malaysia relaxed visa restrictions and adopted a living with the virus policy and also scrapped tests on all incoming travellers starting May 01.

The country relaxed the restrictions including the mandatory mask policy and testing at the airports as the South East Asian Country adjusts to living with the virus.

The country had previously allowed visitors from Singapore where mandatory virus tests were not required, starting May 01, the country will now allow tourists from other nations without mandatory virus testing.

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Additionally, wearing masks outside Is optional and physical distancing is not required said the health minister in a televised address.

This announcement marks a significant milestone for the country which had closed its borders during the beginning of the pandemic.  The easing is in line with the nation’s transition to the endemic phase of the outbreak, as high vaccination rates have kept hospital admissions low.

The decision came after Singapore, another SE Asian country decided to end most of its covid curbs, last Thursday Malaysia dropped mandatory quarantine for Covid-19 close contacts, and earlier this month began allowing the unvaccinated to travel across states.

Cases continue to drop where the number of active cases has been on a downward trend since mid-March, with just 2.5% of them hospitalized as of Tuesday, according to official data.

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