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Malaysia bans entry of tourists from India, Indonesia and the Philippines

With a rising number of coronavirus cases and countries opening for tourism, it’s posing a high risk to both locals and foreigners visiting a new country. And to curb this situation, many countries are limiting its visitors or entirely stopping them to visit their country. And to curb this situation, Malaysia has banned the entry of visitors from India, Indonesia and the Philippines due to the rising number of coronavirus cases from these countries.

The Defence Minister of Malaysia, Ismail Sabri Yaakob said in a press conference that this restriction would affect those who have long-term passes, students, expatriates, permanent residents as well as family members of Malaysians. Malaysia had already banned the entry of foreigners since march and have been slowly opening up for tourism.

Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said in a speech that Malaysia is extending its measures to curb the pandemic until the end of this year as the virus is still actively spreading and in terms of travel, the country will keep a tab on its situation.

The new rule is done as the Virus has been spreading at a rapid pace in the Philippines and Indonesia; India too has a number of cases with its daily count reaching over 75000+ and stands 3rd in world coronavirus count. Hence, Malaysia is taking its steps for citizens safety and bans visitors from these countries.

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