Make Medicines Wait !

“Don’t expect the disease to change your lifestyle, instead lead a healthy life to avoid diseases.”

We may eat well but we also fall sick too often don’t we? Weather fluctuation, pollution & stress are key reasons etc but the deeper root cause is inadequate nutrition and weak immunity. Why do we make ourselves so used to medication and treat meds as a safety net? They not only have side effects but all they do is mask the symptoms. 

The current pace of life is increasingly accelerated, and it seems that having a healthy life is increasingly complicated. Diseases, pollution, poor diet, stress are factors that damage your health in general. However, some alternatives help you have a healthy body and improve your quality of life.

Looking and being healthy is an essential aspect for many people. However, not everyone gives the necessary attention. A combination of beneficial habits is the key to increase health and improve our lives, reducing the possibility of suffering from various diseases directly linked to our habits, such as stress problems, cholesterol or type 2 diabetes.

A healthy lifestyle is synonymous with health and full happiness and can be achieved very easily by adopting appropriate behaviours. It is more straightforward than it seems, I assure you, and you can go adjusting to new habits little by little.

Came across the conversation of how proper nourishment can MAKE MEDICINES WAIT – by Health Supplements brand Setu and this really made me think how meaningful it is.5 Things that you need to do to keep yourself healthy and #medscanwait.

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1) Sleep and Rest Well!

Sleeping is important not only to recover lost energy, but to relax our body, forget tensions, encourage concentration when we are awake, and keep the body functioning properly. Recent studies have shown that those who sleep less are at higher risk of obesity and heart problems, so rest at least 7 hours each day. Sleep deprivation makes your body tired and fatigued, and this weakens your immune system which makes you an easy target of diseases and infections.

Try out the Omega-3 fatty acids that helps reduce cholesterol and maintain a healthy blood pressure.
Also helps your mood, fortifies your brain, and aids retinal health.

2) Learn to Eat smart and mindfully!

Eat smart and mindfully does not mean eating boring, tasteless or sad, healthy food is also delicious. It only means that you must reduce fat, fried foods, sweets and everything that does not contribute anything to your body more than unnecessary calories.

  • Vegetables, fruits, protein, and carbohydrates are necessary for the body, do not suppress anything.
  • Eat smart and mindfully is not going hungry, it’s just feeding yourself with intelligence and thinking about your well-being.
  • If you do not like something DO NOT EAT IT, this is important to maintain a healthy body.

Setu – New Wave in Everyday Healthcare – Take setu health supplements to make sure you get enough essential nutrients and to maintain or improve your health.

Try Setu -YourGut to immune system health and stay fit.

3) Drink at least 1.5 Litres of Water Daily!

No soft drinks, no packaged juices, no sugary drinks: just water. There are many benefits: it is free of calories, it is the best way to be hydrated, to have beautiful skin, to prevent premature aging, to keep our organs functioning properly and to promote intestinal transit. Consistent water consumption helps your liver and kidneys function optimally. An important key to maintain a healthy body day by day.

If you can’t drink enough water, choose a health supplement. A well-chosen natural supplement can go a long way towards preventing conditions such as fatty liver and cirrhosis. Supplements from Setu, have no side effects and it easily balance your nutritional needs from time to time.

4) Take Care to keep your Body in Shape!

Physical activity is necessary to keep muscles, bones and mind healthy. It is not a matter of aesthetics or figure only, but of health. If you want a healthy body, welcome the exercise at least four days a week, you will notice the difference. A slight movement could add to your energy.

The mind is a fundamental key: healthy mind in a healthy body. Maintain a positive attitude towards life, reduce worries and stress and do not get overwhelmed by what escapes your hands, concentrate your energy on solving the problems that are within your reach and enjoy a little more of life.

5) Always have a hobby, an activity that you enjoy and do it often. A sport, a practice, a distraction that helps you to feel relaxed and to connect with your body or your mind, this is a great way to give a break to worries and occupy yourself for a moment of you and your well-being.

Don’t expect the disease to change your lifestyle, instead lead a healthy life to avoid diseases. Having a healthy body is not a matter of figure and perfect measures, but of feeling good about what we have, with its defects and virtues. Remember that having a healthy lifestyle helps you keep your body functioning at 100%. Make sure you sleep well, eat healthy, exercise to enjoy your life fully.


I recommend you to eat essential nutrients. A common mistake is to think that eating “healthy and light” consists of having a diet based on lettuce and water. However, with such a diet, it is likely that the necessary nutrients will not be obtained to perform the daily activities. Therefore, you must have a varied diet that contains foods from each nutritional group, to avoid these deficiencies and damage your health.

Medicines have side effects and usually mask the symptoms without curing the root cause. I believe that in all situations, #MedsCanWait and make little positive changes in your daily routine. It can go a long way to a healthy modern lifestyle and power you to do what you love for longer!

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