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Mae Hong Son Cross Country Run 2019

Mae Hong Son is a little less known place in Thailand, specifically Northern Thailand. Sitting in Mae Hong Son province this place is slowly catching up with tourists who want to explore nature. Macrotraveller was invited to be a select group of travellers to explore this beautiful part of Northern Thailand. As mentioned in various other Macrotraveller Blogs the beauty of Mae Hong Son cannot be described by just words, once you explore you will enjoy being in the midst of nature.

While on my visit to Mae Hong Son, there was a regular event held here called Mae Hong Son Cross Country Run.  One of the most happening event in the town and everyone are welcomed to be a part of this event and spread happiness in running. Mae Hong Son Cross Country 2019 Running Event is organized by the Mae Hong Son Chamber of Commerce and a group of young businessmen YEC Mae Hong Son Together with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), the running event that the organizer intended paying attention to every detail to take care of welcoming guests, home guests. Running events that we need to limit the number of people to not exceed the capacity of the ecosystem and the size of Mae Hong Son.

The race was conducted in 4 different categories, Fun Run with a distance of 6KM, Mini Marathon with the distance of 11.6KM, Half marathon with distance of 22.8KM,  Cross Country run with the distance of 42KM. The costs of these runs were 450baht, 690baht, 890baht, 990baht and VIP Package was included which costs 1500Baht. This was one of the best personal experiences which I tried here at Mae Hong Son. The winners were rewarded trophy and a medal and the medal won had colours which symbolized Lahu colours where Black was Wild Boar/Black Lahu, White symbolized White Sticky Rice, Red symbolized Red Meat and Pig’s Blood and finally blue symbolized Crops and Agriculture. These represented part and parcel of the culture of Mae Hong Son.

The event was held on 15th September 2019 and the start point was Mae Hong Son Airport. Before the D-Day, we were provided with our respective race kits and they told about the start time for the specific run which we were interested to participate later they wished good luck for the run.  On the D-Day i.e., on 15th, we were briefed about our run and the route along with map details and we began the marathon with a bang.

As it was my first run, I chose to do 6KM fun run and it was exhilarating to experience to run with other fellow runners, on my way to run I found people cheering, providing water bottles for hydration, encouraged us to run and then finally we reached the final point and we could notice people still cheered us. Completing the run was a tedious task as this was held at an elevation gain of 65 but still, I felt proud with the encouragement of locals and fellow runners, I made it until the end.

Destination Thailand
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Destination Thailand
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Destination Thailand
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Destination Thailand
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