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#MacroTravellerTips that you should keep in mind when you travel to Indonesia

If you want to experience the natural world, we need to travel a lot. As a Travel Blogger, I have been to many countries. But going to Indonesia has been a different experience altogether.

Indonesia is a vast country – about the size of Japan, Britan, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Greece combined. Significant parts of it are the only semi-tamed and remains a tropical heaven that is unexplored. Indonesia’s natural beauty is an unexplored and unmatched. Indonesia is beyond Bali & Jakarta which is known as the tourist destinations of the world.

I like Indonesia so much because Indonesia has a rich culinary repertory. Each region has its individual specialty. Indonesia is the naturalist and offers the almost infinite variety of flora and fauna.

#MacroTraveller Facts! Titan Arum – The world’s tallest flower and The Rafflesia – the world’s biggest flower.

Cheapest Flight to Travel Indonesia – AirAsia! My fellow travel bloggers have been to Indonesia on a budget that was even lesser than that you think. Round trip to Jakarta Flight via AirAsia is round 12,000-13,000 with only hand baggage. If you’re lucky, you could even get it for less than 10,000 if you manage to get a promo offer.




Here are a few #MacroTraveller Tips Facts that can help you to prepare a trip to Indonesia.

1) Decide when to visit Indonesia – The temperatures fluctuate little throughout the year. Except in the high ranges (Mountainous Region), the weather here it is always hot. There are two seasons: Dry season and rainy season. Climate variations have been such that the rainy season, which typically starts in October, is being pushed increasingly forward. Determining when to visit Indonesia is thus relatively easy; any time is good to go, but prices are slightly lower during the rainy season.


2) Currency -The Indonesian currency is the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). At the moment of writing, One Rupee is worth 198 IDR. So for our New 2000 RS Note, you will get 3,95,695 IDR. The exchange rate is habitually very convenient, which means that those who visit Indonesia find it more than affordable.You will truly feel like a millionaire with so much money in your hand.

3) Safety – Despite what the media will say, people who visit Indonesia find it to be an unsafe blah-blah. I faced no problems whatsoever as an Indian traveler. But challenging traffic is very hard especially in Jakarta which looked worst than Bangalore. Wait, terrible. But people were very kind, helpful, and friendly beyond expectation.

pic source: asiancorrespondent

#MacroTraveller Tip – The travelers who visit Indonesia find crossing the street as the biggest challenge.

4) Transportation – The most obvious means of transportation in Indonesia is the bus. Again, the quality depends on the price paid. More expensive buses are very convenient and air conditioning.You get autos like India which is called Taxis are easily available, as well as motorbike taxis too.They are reasonably comfortable, but it is important to negotiate the fare.You can get Uber there, very convenient and quite a lot of savings for you during your trip,but the only challenge is the language. Traffic in towns is so overcrowded, at times I found walking would be faster, anyways.


Uber Payment

Travel Card: buy this transport card that can help you use in bus and metro by just swiping.

5) Eating and drinking – Food is cheap in Indonesia if your foodie, even large restaurants are also inexpensive. For breakfast, you can have a fresh juice of avocado or any fruit of your choice. Gado-gado or ketoprak for about 80 -100 rupees. Lunch roughly the same which could include tempe and tahu vegetarian dishes along with Kangkung a water spinach and fish or chicken. Same goes for dinner as well. A meal at an average looking place will cost you about 200 to 300 at the most.


If you still crave for Indian food, you should check out at Ritz Carlton Mega Kuningan where the chefs customize some amazing Indian food as I felt homesick.

Personal Exp. As a country Indonesia the majority of people are Muslim, But Indonesian hardly drink alcohol during their meals. The most popular local beer is Bintang, which is entirely flavorsome.

6) Shopping – How can I miss out this? Suitable exchange rates and the unbelievable markets full of beautiful fabrics and crafts. To be frank, Indonesia is a paradise of purchase. Supermarkets are among the best places to visit in Indonesia.


Full of brightness and aroma of scents, gathered with attractive looking people.Don’t forget to buy and remember bargaining is also preferred. Come On, do you need to bargain, my friend.
Their Motto: Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity)

There is no mystery that when you find the natural beauty that Indonesia has to look combined with the gracious and slow paced lifestyle you too will fall in love with this amazing country. Indonesia has a lot to offer than lost Temples, ancient cultures, and traditions. The land, the soil, the mountains, the hills, the paddy fields, the active volcanoes, the crystal clear beaches, the rivers, the blue lakes, excellent isn’t it. Indonesia has many things down to the flowers and fauna that grace this land.


All I can say tell you and recommend you! Be the first to paraglide off the hills in Northern Sumatra. Be the first to dive into the waters off the coast of Flores. Be the first to sip a sweet tea and watch the sun rise over your fantastic experience.

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