Macao is an authentic fusion of cultures and sensations. A destination where the past meets the present, where tradition and modernity come together in a fantastic and surprising combination of artistic, architectural and culinary styles.

Recently, #MacroTraveller has been invited by Macao Moments, ET-Travel to explore this entertainment, party city and beyond with fellow Travel Bloggers. Party Mode On! Bloggers Fun @ Macao 08th to 12th October 2017.

Day 1 – October 8

The blogger’s entourage has arrived in Hong Kong and headed to Macao. Departure HKG by Sea Express at 11:00.

Taking a ferry from Hong Kong to Macao is 1.5 hours cruise, and 2-3 major ferry companies operate, and we used the turbojet. Arrived at Macao ferry terminal at 12:30.

Later, Shift to hotel Sofitel at Ponte 16. Check-In at the hotel. Sofitel was an exceptional hotel in a great location. Walking distance to the historical areas and shops. Excellent place to visit tourist sites in central Macao near Senado Square & the Ruins etc.

Had lunch at the hotel restaurant at 13:30 and restaurant service remarkably outstanding.

Leisure time at Senado Square. The Senado Square has always been the center of Macao for centuries, and it is still today the most popular place for public events and celebrations. The square is surrounded by neoclassical buildings painted in pastel tones, which create a general Mediterranean atmosphere of exceptional harmony.

Pick-up at hotel lobby to visit the Wynn Resort, Tree of Prosperity & the Musical Fountain at 19:00!

Wynn Resort Macao highlights two luxurious towers – Wynn and Encore – which boast more than 1,000 exquisitely decorated rooms and suites, Michelin-star restaurants, two lavish spas, an outdoor swimming pool with candied gardens, the most fashionable names in luxury retail and exciting entertainment. Wynn Macao is the only resort in the world with seven Forbes Five-Star Awards in 2016.

Then we headed to Wynn Macao where we saw the Golden Tree of Prosperity with more than 2,000 branches and 98 thousand leaves composed of 24-carat gold and bronze. The Tree of Prosperity show is a choreographic masterpiece of cultural, musical, visual and luminous patterns. A symbol that also has its show of seven minutes at the Resort, with musicals and games of lights, where at the end of the show, the tree adopts the colors of the four seasons.

That’s a stunning chandelier I must say during the Tree of prosperity show which is at Wynn Macao resort and it happens every 1 hour in the evening. Just go and watch it to experience it.

Next up was Musical Fountain – The function of the fountain, located in the open area in front of Wynn Macao, includes high columns of water and blazing fires that dance in the air to the rhythm of the classical and popular music, as well as some Broadway songs.

We had Dinner at Restaurante Litoral Limitada at 20:00. It’s a Portuguese restaurant with Macanese food being served, and I was glad to get a good share of vegetarian food.

Day 2 – October 9

The first day was nothing less than perfect. MacroTraveller’s second-day kicked-off after having breakfast at the hotel.

Then, we all geared up for City tour w/visit! We were picked up at the hotel lobby at 9:30.

The Places MacroTraveller Visited!

1) Temple of A-Má – The Temple of A-Má existed on the island before the Portuguese colonization, it is said to be a fishermen’s temple dedicated to various divinities. And is an example of the manifolds that exist in the Chinese culture where diverse popular beliefs and religious doctrines merge in the same temple, in this case, Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism.

2) Ruins of St. Paul’s – Ruins of St. Paul has been 350 years of history, is one of the most popular signs of Macao. The Ruins of St. Paul’s Pagoda is located in Macao, where it is moved to the Grand Parkway, the remains of the front wall of St. Paul’s Church, the right fort and the Macao Museum, and in July 2005 it was listed on the World Heritage List. Visit the Ruins of St. Paul, also, to appreciate the towering spectacular front wall, but also to pay attention to the arch (front wall) on the delicate floating withered and its meaning, every visitor to Macao will take pictures.

3) Macao Museum – The Macao Museum of Science aims to promote youth science education, with the aim of the development of Macao tourism and the regional science education and exhibition platform. Its main building is composed of the exhibition center, planetarium and conference center. The exhibition center has 12 different long-term exhibition halls and two thematic exhibitions, which showcase a wide range of scientific knowledge and interesting interactive exhibits so that visitors from the hands-free operation of the shows to enjoy the exploration of science fun of.

4) Na Tcha Temple – Built in 1888, this temple is dedicated to the cult of Na Tcha. This small traditional Chinese temple is located near the ruins of the main Jesuit-built temple in the region, presenting a dialectic between Western and Chinese ideals, which can be recognized as one of the best parts of Macao’s multicultural identity and religious freedom.

5) Walking tour to Senado Square – The Senado Square is the heart of Macao until now, it is a place where events, festivals, and celebrations take place. The Square is surrounded by neoclassical buildings of soft colors, which recreate a Portuguese atmosphere, reminiscent of Lisbon.

6) St. Dominic church – This church, founded in 1587 by three Spanish Dominicans originally from Acapulco, Mexico, is related to the Brotherhood of Our Lady of the Rosary. It was here that the first Portuguese newspaper was published in Chinese territory, “A Abelha da China” (The Bee of China), on September 12, 1822. The bell tower, located at the back of the building, was modified to allow installation of a small Museum of Sacred Art, which has a heritage of about 300 gadgets.

Followed by lunch at A Lorcha Restaurant. It was 12:30 at that time, again, I explored veggie options at the Portuguese restaurant.

Now, time to feel Grand. Yes, we head to Grand Lisboa Hotel at 15:00. It was a fantastic hotel. Note – We didn’t stay there! We went for SPA and Grand Dinner at the Eight 3-star Michelin restaurant. An excellent 3-Star Michelin modern Chinese cuisine restaurant. The decor of this place was exquisite and tastefully done, and the food was delicious.

Day 3 – October 10

The second day was crazy, isn’t it! Here we go to third. As usual breakfast at the hotel.

We were picked up at the hotel lobby at sharp 9:30! Something more and something different on the way. #MacroTraveller was pumped up for it.

Visited the Giant Panda Pavillion – It’s Panda time! I have been to so many south-east Asian countries and seen pandas, but this is the liveliest bunch I have seen to date.

Then bicycling around Coloane Island and exploring the coloane village. Cycling around was fun.

We all visited St. Francis church & lord’s stow for Portuguese Egg Tart. Don’t Miss – The famous Egg tart which is a must try at Lord Stow bakery.

We all had a quality time at hac sa Reservoir Bridge. Then went to see the black sand beach Hac Sa Beach is a beach in Coloane. It is the largest natural beach in Macao. It means the famous black sand. But, to prevent the beach from disappearing due to erosion, Macao govt has refilled the beach with yellow sand artificially.

Later for lunch, we all meet at san tao at 12:30. The meal at tapas de Portugal was a fantastic experience. Cycling continued!

Taipa and Coloane Islands are lovely choices for bicycle tours, with bicycle rental conveniently accessible in Taipa near Pak Tai Temple. Tour the islands at a comfortable pace to enjoy the fresh air and fun along with buddies or family amidst lush scenery dotted with lots of recreational zones, highways, and byways.

Note: Bicycling is prohibited on all bridges spanning Macao Peninsula and Taipa. Nothing like cycling at Taipa village! We visited Taipa village art & culture, heritage scenery. Taipa provisioned for residents who made a living through fishing, firecrackers production, and other handicraft professions.

Snacks tasting at Taipa Island was an extraordinary experience.

Again we all gathered in the hotel lobby for a meet at 19:45! We all headed to Macao Tower for dinner. The skyline from the Macao Tower revolving restaurant from the 60th floor and pleasantly surprised by having Indian veg food.

Later, we visited the most famous hotels in Macao is Venetian Macao and Parisian Macao. Such grandeur with casinos, shopping areas, Michelin star restaurants and of course rooms as well. Enjoy luxury at its best at las vegas of the east!

Macao at night is as vibrant as its during the day and here’s why. The big neon lights and lanterns and casinos just make them look like a party all night city.

Day 4 – October 11

The third day was full of experiences. I was a bit tired physically. You know MacroTraveller, never tired of trying things. As usual breakfast at the hotel. I had a light Breakfast, followed by Yoga and Meditation to relax a bit. It worked like a charm!

We all gathered at Senado Square for a meet. It was noon at that time, we all headed to lunch on the Island. Lunch at Miramar, Coloane Beach. I enjoyed my spaghetti for lunch. It was delicious.

Head back to Macao Tower for Adventure (AJ Hackett)!

Macao Tower skywalk is one of the most thrilling adventures you must do to get rid of your fear of heights, and you get breathtaking views of the city & even a peek into mainland China!

#MacroTraveller Special – I would proudly say this is one of the few things I have achieved in my life especially doing a Bungy Jumping from the world’s highest bungee. The AJ Hackett Macau Tower Bungy Jump is 233m / 764ft high, making this jump a Guinness World Record for the Highest Commercial Bungy Jump in the world.

Colorful Show – Viva la Broadway at The Broadway Theatre!

Very colorful neighborhood with trade and tourism and entertainment infrastructure. Watch world-class talents from across the globe perform a show of daredevil acts, glamorous dancing, mime and comedy at Broadway Theatre in Macau. It’s a lively shopping area, in the evening to this are added various musical and entertainment shows.

Then head to MGM. We enjoyed our time with tea and drink. The hotel decor is exquisite and in style, filled with Western culture. MGM Macau has one of the best-themed lobby I have ever seen and mind you, and these are seasonal. There is a large aquarium in the middle of the hotel, and there is a fixed time feeding show.

It was 19:00 by then, time to visit Bar Sky 21. In Sky 21 point of view of Macau Night is really cheering, restaurant style is very cool, as well as band concerts, eats and drink while listening to music while chatting, is a charming thing! The scenery here is superb, and you can see Macau Tower Bridge at twilight very lovely.  The skyline from the lounge was just stunning, do check out this place when you are in Macao. Our last night in Macao ended with a bang.

Day 5 – October 12

Eventful Day 4 was great. Amazing experiences and Bungee Jump was still running on my mind (Even while writing).

As usual breakfast at the hotel and a light breakfast. It was 10, and it was time to check-out the hotel.

Visited the Venetian – Venetian Macao is one of the largest hotels in the world with colossal mall integrated into it where you can lose yourself if you don’t have a map and are told to wear comfortable shoes to walk when you check in 😉 Another fantastic tour of the hotel. I will stay here next time for sure 😉

After hotel tour. We head to lunch at a local restaurant. Later we arrived at Macao ferry terminal sharp 14. Departure by Sea Express to Hong Kong.

#MacroTraveller Tip – If you are traveling to Macao from Hong Kong, Make sure you choose the right ferry and select the timings that would suit your arrival/departure timings of your flight and the ferry terminal are directly connected from the Hongkong airport, and you don’t need to step outside the airport. We used the TurboJET ferry which takes 1.5 hours to dock at Macao or vice versa.

Thanks to ET Travel and Macao Moments! Follow these Hashtags #FunInMacao #ETPT #MTinMacao.

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