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Macao’s Classic Tourist Attractions 

Macao is a city of Chinese and Western cultures, and its unique historical city of Macao has been included in the World Heritage List. In addition to monuments, Macao also has world-class hotels, resorts, recreational facilities, shopping centers, and large conference venues. Besides, the Macao cuisine, the stunning night view, the Macao Art Festival, the Macao International Dragon Boat Race, the Macao International Fireworks Display, the Macao Food Festival and the Macao Grand Prix will help you feel the more Colorful face of each side.Macao is not only open casinos, modern buildings, but also a wide variety of museums, churches, and parks. The most important thing is, Macao have more delicious local food, there is endless fun. So what are some of the attractions in Macao worth visiting? What are the attractions that Macao travels to visit? What are the attractions that Macao cannot miss?

Macao Ruins of St. Paul’sRuins of St. Paul has been 350 years of history, is one of the most popular signs of Macao, The Ruins of St. Paul’s Pagoda is located in Macao, where it is moved to the Grand Parkway, the remains of the front wall of St. Paul’s Church, the right fort and the Macao Museum, and in July 2005 it was listed on the World Heritage List. Visit the Ruins of St. Paul, also, to appreciate the towering spectacular front wall, but also to pay attention to the arch (front wall) on the delicate floating withered and its meaning, every visitor to Macao will take pictures.

Guia Fort

Guia Fort, also known as Songshan Fort, Guia Mountain Fort, built in the seventeenth century. Located on the top of the Macao Peninsula, the ancient fort on the Guiyang Mountain, one of the eight scenic spots in Macao, one of China’s oldest Western-style turquoise buildings, is one of the three major scenic spots in Guia Mountain. In 2005, as part of the historic city of Macao, it was included in the World Heritage List.

Holy House of Mercy – Senado SquareThe former hall, commonly known as the fountain, located on the Macao Peninsula in the area, an area of ​​3700 square meters, is one of Macao’s four principal square. The former square is situated in the north of the city and is located in the south of the town. It is a narrow triangle in the south. It is still a lively business and cultural activity area in Macao. Formerly in 2005 as part of the historic city of Macao is listed on the World Heritage List, it is one of the landmarks and attractions of Macao.

A-Ma Temple

it is one of the most famous monuments in Macao. It was built in the first year of Ming Hongzhi (1488) and has been in existence for more than 500 years. Mummy Temple is formerly known as Mazu Pavilion, commonly known as days behind the temple, located in the southwest of Macao. The main building has a hall, Hong Ren Dian, Guanying Pavilion and other rooms. The temple is mainly dedicated to the Taoist goddess of the goddess, also known as “days empress,” “Tianfei empress,” who can predict good and evil, often in the sea to help businessmen and fishermen are saved, disaster relief, so people at the site of the temple worship

Macao TowerThe Macao Tower is the highest point from the ground to the Macao Tower, with a total height of 338 meters and 1109 feet (56 floors), designed by New Zealand’s famous architect Gordon Moller, built in 2001 as a member of the World Tower Alliance one. Boarded the Macao tourist tower overlooking the whole of Macao and Zhuhai, the weather is good, but also to see Hong Kong Lantau Island. You can choose to travel to the Macao Tower, bungee jumping or climbing to the spire, giving you a memorable experience.

Macao Science MuseumThe Macao Museum of Science aims to promote youth science education, with the aim of the development of Macao tourism and the regional science education and exhibition platform. Its main building is composed of the exhibition center, planetarium and conference center. The exhibition center has 12 different long-term exhibition halls and two thematic exhibitions, which showcase a wide range of scientific knowledge and interesting interactive exhibits so that visitors from the hands-free operation of the shows to enjoy the exploration of science fun of.

Venetian CasinoThe Venetian Macao Casino is the world’s largest casino, located on the first floor of the Venetian resort, covering an area of ​​550,000 square feet. It is divided into “Imperial Hall,” “Red Dragon Temple,” “Phoenix Temple” and “Golden Temple Hall” Four subject areas. There are about 870 tables in the four districts, with baccarat, blackjack, roulette and other gaming games, and more than 3400 slot machines. Casino floor, high, exposure to which there is “endless” or “vast” feeling. It is worth mentioning that the casino has two spiral-type escalators, but also the only two in Australia. Macao casino will go ah, come to Macao, and even the casinos are not to experience the next, then you will come to Macao will be regrettable. In short, Shenzhen and Hong Kong online Xiaobian sentence, Macao’s famous casino decoration is super luxury, resplendent, no words to describe.

The Venetian Macao Resort HotelThe Venetian Macao Resort Hotel opened in 2007, featuring the Venetian Water Village and the famous statue, and the famous Las Vegas Venetian Resort Hotel is the most massive single-block hotel in Asia and the second in the world. Large building. Macao Venetian has three thousand luxury rooms and large-scale gambling, exhibition, shopping, sports, variety and leisure facilities, full of Venetian characteristics of the Grand Canal ride Gondola boat has become travel to every visitor to Macao Will do one of the things.

The Parisian Resort & Spa, MacaoThe opening of the Macao Parisian resort, inspired by the magic of charm, the world famous “Light City” Paris. Macao the Parisian offers 2,900 hotel rooms and suites, and the Eiffel Tower, built in proportion to the original building, has a restaurant and a viewing platform with stunning views of the Cotai Strip. The Parisian people are well equipped with comprehensive resort facilities, including conference venues, restaurants, and family-friendly amusement facilities, which is bound to become a new tourist attraction in Macao.

Matsu Culture Village

Matsu Cultural Village is located on the island of Macao Road, stacked stone pond mountain, lasted three contained in 2003 built, covering 7,000 square meters. It’s main building for the Mazu giant carving statue and Tin Hau Temple. Mazu statue by the 120 pieces of white jade stone from the embedded, up to 500 tons, of which Mazu face by a complete white marble carved stone. Tin Hau Temple is located in the road ring stacked stone pond top, and the overall building has corridors, pavilion-style gate, altar, hall and dressing building four buildings.



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