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Macao’s 5 Most Luxurious Casino Hotels

Macao is a Chinese city of Portuguese past still very present. Its colonial air and this mixture of China and Portugal are one of the reasons that make it a unique city. Another of its characteristics is to be since 2006 the most prominent game center in the world, surpassing Las Vegas, to such an extent that its economy based mostly on gambling and tourism has made it one of the wealthiest regions in the world.

This metropolis is visited by tourists from all over the world and receives mainly visitors from China and Hong Kong. Its luxury hotels and luxury casinos are one of its greatest attractions, with claims such as shows, architecture, gambling, and gastronomy. Today I combine the two to showcase the luxurious casino resorts of Macao.

The Top 5 Luxurious Casino Hotels of Macao!

The Venetian MacaoIt is an impressive 40-floor casino, the largest of all Macao casinos, the largest hotel in Asia and the third largest building in the world. It is a copy of the Las Vegas Venetian, and inside the hotel is a recreation of this Italian city. You can see the Venice tower, canals, and even take a gondola ride with an opera singer. Its rooms are enormous, with 60 square meters between the bathroom, bedroom and living room.

Galaxy HotelThis hotel apart from the casino has gardens, six swimming pools, a massage center and a spa with outdoor jacuzzi. What differentiate the Galaxy Hotel from the rest of hotels is an artificial wave pool and a beach of 2,000 square meters of white sand.

Grand LisboaIt is the tallest building in Macao. Some of its main attractions are the shows and the tour of all its restaurants, where it serves from Cantonese to European cuisine. It also permanently exposes the “Star of Stanley Ho” a diamond considered the largest in the world within the D-color category and form of cushion without internal defects.

Sands Macao

Although the resort is fantastic, it is true that compared to the other casino hotels in Macao, this resort seems less opulent. Mostly it is because it has more years of life, but in spite of it counts on rooms of the luxury of more than 120 meters. It also has great variety of restaurants, and shows. It receives millions of visitors from around the world, and most are from mainland China, who even travel to Macao strictly to play in the casino, and do not have the need to stay overnight at the hotel.

Wynn Macao

It is a luxury resort and casino, smaller copy of the Las Vegas Wynn. It houses designer stores such as Christian Dior, Rolex or Versace. It has a lake with spectacle and an icon with a golden tree representing prosperity. Its services are complemented with several restaurants, a spa, and a thermal swimming pool.

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