Luxury Staycation at Rosetta By Ferns, Sakleshpur

On a chilly autumn morning in the month of July, I woke up excitedly as it was a D-Day to visit the nature’s abode of Sakleshpur. My first domestic visit after getting fully vaccinated, I had planned my visit to green locations as I felt a need to travel to rejuvenate myself as I was in daily view of the concrete jungle and was in need of a real one.

I woke up early for a long journey of around 230kms from the capital city and this time I had planned my stay at a luxurious stay called Rosetta by Ferns.

Rosetta by Ferns is developed by Ferns estates and developers who are pioneers in gated communities, villas and commercial real estate is one of the renowned premium brands in Indian real estate. Ferns was established in the year 1988 and has since delivered a premium look for home buyers.

Rosetta by Ferns which is located in Sakleshpur provides a luxury holiday experience that is immersed in nature was constructed in the year 2017 and is a diverse collection of meticulously planned, ecologically sustainable luxury resorts set amidst 100 acres of lush green coffee plantation.

Rosetta by Ferns provides tourists with an unmatched lifestyle experience and has around 125 rooms which provide you both luxury and comfort. The resort draws inspiration from contemporary architecture which exudes elegance and grandeur.

Stay here at Rosetta by Ferns offers rooms which are named Robusta, Cardamon rooms, suites are named after Teak and Rosetta which provides you breathtaking views and the living spaces are designed to meet every need.

This resort is home to In-house restaurants of Teatro – an all-day dining restaurant, Ouzo which is a bar set near to the pool and waterfall, Amish – A fine-dine vegetarian restaurant, and Merchants of Spice which celebrates robust flavours of Indian culinary dishes.

The resort also provides a culinary experience where it offers Tiffin Service, Private Dining and Grill where the in-house chef prepare you delicious dishes and the resort also provides Experiential Dining where the resort provides you unforgettable dining experience on prior notice.

Also, the amenities here include Elements by Earth spa, Infinity Swimming pool, Activity Centre, Boutique by Rosetta where you can choose a variety of local organic produce, and Fitness centre. They also offer curated experience of Nature Walk, Horticulture experience and an Art Experience which you can explore during your stay here.

During my stay here, I explored the resort and the greenery which It is surrounded, tried out various experiences and had healthy and tasty foods at their in-house restaurants which made me feel relaxed and rejuvenated during my stay here.

Destination India Karnataka Sakleshpur
Coffee Plantation Homestay Experience in Sakleshpur, Karnataka
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