Luxurious Cruise takes you to 27 countries in 1 single trip

With travel being played spoilsport for the year 2020, everybody are yearning for travel post-pandemic. However, due to the many rules set by countries, one cannot visit many countries like it was pre-pandemic. But some plans by travel agencies will make you feel happy as they cover most of the dreams of frequent traveller and one such news is from a cruise ship.

Luxurious Viking Cruise is all set to sail through an epic 136-day journey spanning 27 countries starting December 2021. On July 22, Viking Cruise shared the package for Viking World Cruise 2021-2022 where it is set to cover 27 countries in its epic 136 days journey. Set to depart from Fort Lauderdale, Florida on 24th of December 2021, the cruise covers major tourist attractions such as Mumbai, Istanbul, Bali, Thailand, Bora Bora etc.

Torstein Hagen who is the cruise line’s chairman said in a statement “This has been an unusual year for all travellers, but we remain focused on the future and are pleased to offer our guests a new destination-focused World Cruise that allows for extensive exploration in 2021-2022,”

The ship is set to carry 930 passengers where they will depart from Florida then head over to Central America, transit the Panama Canal and head over to West Coast of America, later travels through the Pacific Ocean with a brief stop at Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia and will sail towards SE Asia, Middle East and Mediterranean countries and finally stops in London.

However, this epic journey comes at a cost where a person will be charged roughly $49,995 (INR 37,43,625) per person.

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