Limited activities in Dubai as there are a spike in coronavirus cases

Dubai on Monday announced that it will close all bars and pubs for the entire month of February as it has seen the rise in coronavirus cases. This is due to the celebration of New year celebrations which drew visitors from all over the world.

With this, there have been orders to shut down all restaurants and cafes by 01:00 AM as well as there will be limited crowds in cinemas, hotels, malls, and other destinations.

This decision comes after the notice of a spike in coronavirus cases as hospitals and health facilities came under pressure for 17 straight days after record cases are being seen in the wider UAE region.

“The measures seek to further enhance efforts to combat Covid-19, and protect the health and safety of all citizens, residents, and visitors,” the statement said.

The destination is a favorite among many crowds and is one of the most visited destinations. Known for its tallest building, Dubai is a melting pot of culture. It is one of the first places to be open to business.

As tourism restarted, the daily coronavirus cases also began to rise but were kept in check until fall. But as the world welcomed New year, Dubai witnessed a huge influx of tourists who partied without face masks and thus there has been a sharp spike in coronavirus cases.

Recently, Dubai witnessed nearly 4,000 daily coronavirus cases and this is the reason why the new rules of stopping live entertainment at bars, halted nonessential surgeries, limited wedding sizes, and ordered gyms to increase space between those working out are in place.

Dubai also recently ordered to test for coronavirus for all those who are flying into the airport. It also urged the public to report to the police for people who are violating coronavirus rules.

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