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All of us are big fans of fast food and the western trend and chains has certainly caught up with us and has become an integral part of our life,be it with family or friends.KFC has around 345 restaurants in more than 80 cities in India and we think maintaining the international quality across all the stores would be quite an herculean task and most of us are curious to know how it is done and with the health aspect always in the picture.I have always been more than curious as i am a vegetarian and very particular on the places i eat due to the veg and non-veg cooking.

When i was invited for the KFC Kitchen Tours, was certainly eager and excited as well as this is first of its kind concept for KFC to showcase what actually happens where all the action takes place. “The BattleField” where the most crispy and scrumptious food is been made.

As i entered the kitchen, the first most important thing was cleanliness and it was certainly evident in the kitchen even with the chefs who were handling it.

KFC is very particular on making sure both veg and non veg are totally made differently with separate set of ingredients and utensils being used for the same.

Once we move from the veg/Non-Veg Section, We see that the Chef first sanitizes their hand totally before handling any ingredients or utensils as hygiene is the highest priority as a global mandate for the brand. Only RO water is used for cooking KFC food and for consumption.

The Chef will hand bread the chicken in fresh flour the process of marinating and coating the chicken with secret herbs and spices was fascinating and then put it in the fryer or the oven within 2 minutes to make sure the chicken is as fresh possible.

KFC chicken products are cooked at a minimum 170 degrees Celsius and hold it at minimum of 60 degrees Celsius. This ensures 100% food safety at all times.

The product champion ensures that all the food served at KFC restaurants is the best when it’s served at the right Temperature, shelf life, veg and non veg segregation and visual appeal, among other things.

KFC also has a taste monitor team goes around the entire restaurant ensuring all the customers experience the real and Fresh food.

The chicken used is GRADE A, 100% REAL CHICKEN. it’s made from 100% real, farm-bred chicken.While sourcing chicken, getting the highest quality is the top priority. Right from the suppliers’ farms to the user’s plate, each piece of chicken goes through about 34 checks before you take that bite

KFC uses the AUTHENTIC INGREDIENTS FROM ACROSS THE WORLD to truly give a world class experience with choco divine from ghana,spices from kerala, and Alphonso mangoes as well.

KFC has been launching new products aimed at offering an unmatched variety to customers. All their recipes had the innovation and customizing to suit the local palates while offering the great original KFC taste.

Some of India-specific innovations are the Paneer Zinger, Veg Twister, Veg Rockin’ Burger, Potato Krisper, Veg Strips and Veg Rice Bowl.

Well, its just not people like me who can get to enter the kitchen, Anyone has to just as the Restaurant Manager and Presto, You are in the Battlefield 🙂

For more information, visit www.kfc.com.

Follow KFC on Facebook (www.facebook.com/KFC) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/kfc).


KFC Corporation, based in Louisville, Ky., is the world’s most popular chicken restaurant chain. KFC
specializes in Original Recipe®, Extra Crispy™, Kentucky Grilled Chicken® and Extra Crispy™ Strips,
Hot Wings™, Go Cups, Famous Bowls, Pot Pies, freshly made chicken sandwiches, biscuits and home-
style side items. There are more than 19,400 KFC outlets in 120 countries and territories around the world. KFC Corporation is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc., Louisville, Ky. (NYSE: YUM.)




#MacroTravellerFood Lifestyle
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#MacroTravellerFood Lifestyle
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