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Kerala popularly called God’s own country is one of the state in South India that is popular with tourists worldwide. Having a wide range of locations, picturesque backwaters and nature, if you travel around Kerala you will be in the lap of nature. It has evolved a way of life that is distinct from any other parts of the country which you have visited. You can witness diverse nature and human-animal interaction which you can’t get to witness elsewhere. It is amazing to notice how a tiny land area has one of the diverse terrains in the country. Be it mountains, be in beach or backwaters, Kerala has adapted to its diverse terrain which nature possess.

Kerala has been one of the popular spice tourist destinations before the independence and with its history with trading, the land has been a melting pot of culture where ideologies, faith, culture and tradition co-exist at the same place. You get to meet many people who come from a different cultural background working together like there is no difference. On visiting any major place in Kerala you get to meet a person coming from the different community yet, guide you to explore the region without any hindrance.

Kerala in their recent global campaign called “Human by Nature” showcases the co-existing nature of humans in Kerala state. The campaign draws real stories of the land and the campaign is centred around the ways of life. The campaign is an ode to the people of Kerala who on every day lead an epic life. And as their ode, the campaign emerged from a continual conversation with travellers to Kerala who have spoken great things about their travel to Kerala and how they were left mesmerised with the stunning landscape that the state has to offer.’

The Campaign “Human by Nature” has a very powerful message in the video that includes the overall regions of the state and have a mass global reach and appeal.

Kerala has been a destination suitable for both domestic and international travellers and aptly known as ‘God’s Own Country,’

Apart from being culturally united, Kerala is also the state which has topped the list of Top tourist destination in India beating many states. With its scenic backwaters, houseboats and of course culinary items, Kerala has made a lasting impact on tourists visiting here and that’s how Kerala is on everyone’s mind. Home to one of the oldest martial arts form Kalaripayattu and one of the places where Ayurveda is hugely followed, people over here come from distant places to learn and also getting the holistic Ayurvedic treatment.

I have been to Kerala so often for many reasons , Be it Leisure, Wellness, Luxury, or pilgrimage like I have been going to sabarimala for 17 years, but every time I visit Kerala, The experience is so unique and special that I love the warm hospitality that Kerala offers to everyone that even though I can’t talk Malayalam but I can understand thanks to all the love that the people in Kerala give and they go out of their comfort zone to help a person when in need which is what I liked the most.

Kerala is not just a state, but a place fit for gods and aptly known as God’s Own Country and the locals treat guests as God and I have met some amazing & Friendly People during my Journey in Kerala, I remember one such instance when I was travelling from Pathanamthitta to Ernakulam in night and I was waiting for bus at Pathanamthitta bus stand , Unfortunately I couldn’t find any till midnight. When I spoke to the bus stand in charge about my situation and my train was scheduled early in the morning at Ernakulam. The bus stand in charge knowing my situation, He requested one of his friend who was heading to Ernakulam at the same to drop me and I was initially apprehensive to travel with a stranger in night, but knowing the hospitality in Kerala ,I took my chances and was glad that it was one of the best decisions I took to travel and reached Ernakulam on time to catch my train. I was surprised to see humanity still existed and the kind gesture of locals in Kerala really touched my heart forever and Truly known as Humans By Nature.

Being one of the top literate states in the country, one need not worry to explore Kerala thinking of getting lost as people will help if you are in need.

Special mention to Kerala culinary experience and it has one of the widespread offerings for veg and non veg.

In short, Kerala is one of my tourist destination places which I want to explore some more regions after the coronavirus pandemic ends and we are open to travel as before.

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Destination India Kerala
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Destination India Kerala
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Destination India Kerala
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