Keeping Fit during Lockdown with Fitbit

With ongoing pandemic crisis due to Coronavirus, one of the largest democratic country in the world, India has gone into a lockdown since many weeks and it will be until the month of May.

Keeping that in mind many people are now concentrating on fitness and the ones who were previously concentrating on fitness are missing their usual fitness activities. And amid this, we need to keep our health and fitness on track which would help us in the long run.

FitBit, a brand that is trusted for all the fitness enthusiasts and many people who want to keep themselves fit have been using this fitness tracking wearable and with its use of the application, one can learn the exercises and some of the basic food diets that need to be followed which in turn helps one to keep fit even during the lockdown period.

Keeping this in mind Fitbit wanted to step up for its users, employees, friends in the media industry, and people, in general, have offered its people a piece of good news where one can avail their select premium services for free.

It is a heartening scene to notice many people during the lockdown are trying their best to return to normal and carry out their daily routine, however due to complete lockdown people are contributing in every way that they can. On another hand, some people’s health is taking its toll and some people’s physical activity has gone down drastically as many people are missing their daily run, gym or any other physical activity that they used to follow daily.

This is when FitBit decided to help and support its users where they are now offering 40 new premium content on its FitBit Application. Along with it, any person new to FitBit Premium can get a 90 day free trial of this paid subscription which has personalized health insights, health guidance, advanced sleep tools, customized programs, and 150+ workouts to help you stay active at home.

And if your region does not belong in the premium region then fret not, as FitBit offers personalised coach sessions via FitBit Coach which is also 90-day free trial where the users via FitBit app can stream both on mobile and PC where the coach will help you providing the workout to be done daily. This will help the users to work-out even during the lockdown crisis and keep themselves fit without missing their gym/run schedule.

I have been personally using FitBit app and this offer is worth a try as it helps me to keep myself fit and healthy as opposed to being lazy and becoming a couch potato. I thank FitBit for providing exclusive content for free during this crisis and helps to promote fitness at home and also providing me contents for healthy cooking which will help one to pass through this lockdown period without gaining weight or getting lazy.

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