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Kari Kari snacks experience at Byg Brewski Sarjapur

A new brand of snacks from Japan is hitting the Indian markets. The light snacks have special spices induced in them. Kari Kari is a premium Japanese snack from Daawat-Kameda. Kameda is the leader in the Japanese rice cracker market with around 30% share. Daawat-Kameda Joint Venture is an initiative to sell rice-based snacks in India.

Kari Kari is one of the crunchiest Snack in the Indian market and comes in 4 flavours. The Flavours were fantastic and was something the Indian market hasn’t seen. These four flavours are Wasabi, Chilli Garlic, Salt Pepper and Mania Spice.

Let the Kari Kari flavours explode in your mouth!

Wasabi – The Big Kick: This excellent tasting Wasabi flavour is a blend of wasabi powder, mustard, cheese, onion, and garlic to give you pure hotness of Wasabi in an enchanting way.

Chilly Garlic – Bold and Zesty: A perfect combination of red chilli and garlic with the notes of onion, spices, and herbs creating a stirring hot, zesty and yummy tasting snack for any occasion.

Salt Pepper – Full of Pep: Another great combination ever of Salt and Pepper with a fusion of herbs and spices to tantalize your taste buds.

Spice Mania – A Tangy Treat: A kick of Indian spices from the famous streets of India that can taste in the combination of unique tasting curry spices having cumin, coriander, chilli, turmeric, garlic, ginger with garam masala. An absolute treat for everyone and excellent combination with any beverage.

Want something healthy to munch on, while you enjoy your drinks at the Byggest brewery in Asia? Try Kari Kari, and they go well with fresh brews at Byg Brewski. The perfect light snack and delicious. These snacks are healthier as they are roasted and don’t have any Trans Fat. Their crunch and their savoury flavours make them an exceptional accompaniment to an evening party. Kari Kari snacks will be available in packs of 70 and 150 grams with the pricing of Rs. 50 and Rs. 99 respectively.

Did You Know? MacroTraveller Fact Check!

Kari Kari snacks were produced after comprehensive consumer research was done with 12 flavours across market segments. They ultimately decided on four flavours after the consumer feedback. So, you can rest guaranteed that you would love the final products!

Pic Credits : Hrish Thota

Byg Brewski Brewing Company has a sprawling property in sarjapur Set in the backdrop of the impressive Nordic past, With the most exceptional entertainment to be had, reminiscent of the majesty that is the Vikings.

Pic Credits : Nitin Hajela

Staying true to its theme, Byg Brewski offers 16 different types of homebrews. Their Master Brewer Martin Benrad, who accepted the award as Byg Brewski Sarjapur was named the ‘Best Microbrewery Award in Bangalore’ last year will carry forward the legacy.

What you’re waiting for? Add some crunch in your life.

So come down this weekend, 2nd and 3rd February to Byg Brewski Sarjapur and enjoy a FREE packet of Kari Kari snacks with the 1st order of your favourite drinks! It will surely be an unforgettable evening!






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