Kali tiger reserve in Karnataka opens a canopy walk

Karnataka’s Kali tiger reserve now has a new tourist attraction where it has now opened a canopy walk. Home to Bengal Tigers, Panthers this eco-tourism destination is located in Uttara Kannada district, Karnataka.

If you are a nature lover, you cannot miss walking across the canopy which has been built between 4 large trees and hangs around 30ft in height. It provides spectacular views of the surroundings. The rich flora and fauna provide a sense of relaxation, the canopy was built four years ago however due to opposition of it to not be open to the general public as the ecosystem can be disturbed is the reason for the delay.

The Kali Tiger Reserve has also resumed trekking near Dudhsagar Waterfalls near the Kuveshi area which is a wonderful opportunity for trekkers to explore and also enjoy the canopy walk.

The reserve has now begun guided tours from this season and vehicles will be allowed to take visitors to the forest checkpoint. The checkpoint is located at Kuveshi where the walk will begin.

Nature, spectacled with beautiful green forests, Kali river and the reserve forest provides a sense of relaxation for nature lovers.

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