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Kaan Show in #Pattaya

Pattaya is known for its vivid tourist culture, where you can notice people visiting for adventure ocean activities, some people visit Pattaya as the location is situated nearby to the ocean where you can enjoy a warm temperate climate. Some visit for its range of arts and entertainment which the city offers. One such entertainment is the KAAN Show

Presented by Singha Corporation, KAAN Show is one of the kind experience where you are in for a spectacular live cinematic experience. KAAN Show is a hybrid of live show and cinema, stage performance accompanied by world-class techniques. First time in Thailand where this new hybrid entertainment based upon classic Thai works of literature which are creatively adapted into a time-frame of 1 hour and the performance will be spectacular. The show will be able to make you forget any other shows that you might have attended.

KAAN Shows are performed by over 90 actors who are supported by highly trained production staff who are trained internationally and they bring over their experience to the show. Accompanying them is the state of art audio-visual system and technology which makes KAAN Show an immersive show for its audience.  One of Asia’s largest production techniques, KAAN Show illuminates over 1500 sqm and has a screen which is as high as a 4-storey building.  In the show, you can notice giant crocodile head that is 7 metres long and a stunning 8-metre-tall animatronics robot which you will notice during the show and will keep you at the edge of your seats.

The show is held at SINGHA D’LUCK Cinematic Theatre where the concept of the theatre is to be one of the world’s first levitating theatre.  Located at an area of around 4 acres near Thepprasit  Road, Pattaya, Chonburi province. Singha D’Luck Cinematic Theater has show area of around 1000 sqm and equipped with Asia’s largest projection system. The theatre can host around 1301 audience/spectators at a time who are in for the wonderful cinematic experience. The seats are designed where it provides the maximum comfort and the seating arrangement is in such a way that you can view the play/act in every angle.

The KAAN Show is suitable for an audience of all ages where the showtime is 60 minutes. Ticket price costs 2500 Baht, 3000 Baht and VIP Ticket costs 4000 Baht. Shows are held on all days except Wednesday and it starts from 19:30 hrs.

Overseas tourists roam free on the Thai island of Phuket without quarantine.
Destination Thailand
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Destination Pattaya Thailand
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