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Jaya He Museum at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Mumbai

India is known for its rich culture, colourful and full of energy. One thing that gets a tourist to experience is via a museum. India has many museums located in every state and major cities. These museums bring out some of the forgotten culture, artefacts, known and unknown facts about history, culture and the civilizations that existed. Some of the museums based on specific collections such as history, clothing, pots and pottery items etc.

Jaya He museum is one such museum that showcases India at a glance. It is situated Terminal 02 of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Mumbai (CSIA). It is said to be one of India’s largest art showcase museum which concentrates on arts which are gradually dwindling as urbanization is growing. Jaya He provides the required platform for artists to showcase their arts.

Jaya He museum currently holds around 5500 artefacts which include 100 artists and 1000+ artisans spread across 3.2km of the museum area. The collection of arts showcases the stories of India from the eyes of the artist. There are 3 different sections where the visitors can visit and notice the collection of arts presented here.

Thresholds of India: the first section at Jaya He museum includes cultural legacy, living traditional and art exhibition. It has a central curvilinear wall which is designed for easy circulation of passengers.

Layered Narratives: Second section of the museum consists of the series of commissioned artworks of the city which is unfolded page by page to the travellers. Layered Narratives is situated near to the arrival corridor.

Baggage Acclaimed: The third section which is primarily concentrated on India’s contribution to textile and costumes. There are rare props which are a rare collection where Jaya He museum is one of the places where you can notice some of the ancient forms of textile manufacturing. If interested you can purchase the same at the counter.

Jaya He museum is one such museum where they brought over many designers, artists, artisans, architects, art historians, anthropologists and conservators with technicians, all working together to distil and interpret India culturally. Tourists visiting here can know the history, culture, arts and artefacts of India which essentially provides you with a brief history of India.

There are also guided tours available here where you need to fill out the form online/offline. This tour is called Jaya He Safari which is available for free. The curated tour is also available for users of Pranaam service, platinum or higher. Do take a part on this free tour of one of India’s largest museum.


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