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Japan to allow large scale visitors for Tokyo Games 2021

As Japan was gearing up to host Olympics 2020, coronavirus wreaked havoc and almost all the countries in the world went into lockdown. Hence the Olympic committee decided that they would host the Olympics in the year 2021 and Japan is now allowing large-scale visitors for Tokyo Games 2021.

With the Olympics, the Japanese government is allowing large-scale visitors without mandatory vaccines or quarantine when they provide negative Covid-19 test results and every visitor should download the tracking apps, as mentioned in the leading newspaper of Japan.

The report from the newspaper also stated that it is unsure how many visitors will be allowed in but the government would restrict the use of public transportation.

Under current restrictions to curb the spread of coronavirus, travelers are required to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival and also should sign-up for contact-tracing apps.

Last month, John Coates senior International Olympic Committee official said that the number of athletes participating in the Games would not be reduced however, it is down to the organizers to make them feel safe.

Over 11,000 are expected to participate in the Tokyo Olympics and thousand more are expected to visit during the subsequent Paralympics.

This plan will allow a large number of visitors to the Japanese capital and will help Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga’s pledge to revitalize the battering Japanese economy by boosting tourism.

The Prime Minister is promoting domestic tourism despite the rising coronavirus cases in the country and this surge of cases has affected the prime minister rating.

Japan had avoided the rising cases of coronavirus as seen in Europe or the Americas, however, as the cold season is approaching there has been a sudden spike in coronavirus cases with daily records increasing exponentially.

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