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iVOOMi iV505 – Budget SmartPhone!

Smartphones are becoming very necessary in today’s lifestyle, but everyone cannot afford high range cellphones keeping in that mind many smartphone companies targeting cells with reasonable price tag. With the booming demand for smartphones, other factors taken into consideration in choosing the target customer is the composition of the hardware. For users who are looking for a budget phone with 1GB RAM specifications has lots of choices nowadays. Even some of which is still relatively new on the market. iVOOMi (iV 505) phone with over 1 GB of RAM which you can afford in your budget range.

iV 505 is a medium range smartphone comes with 1.3GHz Quad-Core Processor and 1 GB of RAM; more cores result in greater multitasking, and 1GB of RAM certainly gives quite impressive, apps loads faster and smoother performance of multiple tasks simultaneously.

What is in the Box? Of Course, Handset Itself, a Battery, a Charger, a Data Cable,an Adaptor, a User Manual and Warranty Card.

iV 505 smartphone has excellent connectivity currently the fastest in India with 4G LTE and VOLTE support; Multiple SIM allows you to use sims at the same time without the need to carry multiple mobile phones. The internet speed is impressive with this phone which users can be enjoyed surfing up to 100Mbps download and 15Mbps download. Very far when compared with the maximum speed will be obtained when they use a smartphone device that only uses 3G HSDPA 32Mbps internet.

This phone comes with Android Marshmallow 6.0 which will be more attractive, stable and user-friendly, so that does not make the user get annoyed quickly, a phone has power saving mode and excellent RAM management. For those of you who hooked play mobile games, iV505 is a suitable smartphone; it makes sure you can play those types of 3D mobile games comfortably without any lag. Of course, the quality looks good too. The phone has 3000 mAh battery which gives a full day life.

iV 505 brought by a 5-inch screen that carries with the qHD IPS panel technology (In-Plan Switching)and has a density of up to 220 PPI display. The screen own quality HD (960 x 540pixels) that are ready to please your eyes with clear quality and attractive colors. Images that appear when playing video games or play will certainly be more stable.

The phone has equipped with two cameras with the best quality, and The phone has 5 MP camera on both sides that capture less vibrant images without focusing much on details. For the Rear camera, has the power of 5 megapixels capable of taking sharp photos, having a camera flash allows you to take pictures in low light. Even the front camera has 5-megapixel that enables you to take your selfies and do video calling.

For connectivity, the flagship is the 4G network is the fastest data networks in India at this time. For sharing files standard features such as Bluetooth, USB port and through the available Wi-Fi already. iV505 also brings dual SIM card feature that allows users to use two services without the need to carry two cellphones at the same time. The phone has internal memory of 8 GB with the addition of an external memory slot which can support up to 128 GB capacity.
Best Features are Health Guard, Emergency Rescue & Property System (Vault)!

The price of iVOOMi iV505 – Foreseen price is around 4,000 INR!

#MacroTravellerTech Lifestyle
#MacroTravellerTech Lifestyle
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