Italy extends travel ban until March 27

Italy which was one of the epicenters of coronavirus in the year 2020 is now taking enough precautions to check the spread of the new strain of coronavirus. Hence, Italy has extended the travel ban for over 20 regions till March 27. This was announced by Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi thereby limiting travel even within the regions of Italy.

As per new reports, the government is also set to extend restrictions on visiting relatives and friends which as per current rule is restricted to two adults who can visit another person’s home. Speaking about this, Roberto Speranza Italy’s Health Minister said that this is essential to check the spread of the new coronavirus cases.

This new ban is not applicable for people who travel for work, emergency reasons, or health and for those who are traveling to return home. However, tourism within Italy will remain prohibited till March-end.

The rules will not be extended to red zone regions which have many cases of coronavirus where visits will not be allowed in those areas.

Any further changes in terms of Coronavirus restrictions in Italy will be conveyed within March 05 when an emergency decree is in due and regional affairs minister Maria Stella Gelmini said that the government will be making a timely decision in agreement with regional governments.

The ban on regional travel was announced in December 2020 and it was then announced that it will be in place till February 25, 2021, however, considering current scenarios lifting this rule might lead to a surge of new cases of coronavirus.


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Destination Italy
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