International Departure flight passenger to be tested for covid-19

International Departure flight from Delhi Airport will soon be tested for Covid-19 right before departure. The test will be conducted by Genestrings Diagnostic Centre which operates the testing lab inside the airport.

Currently, only International Arrival passengers can opt for Covid-19 testing which started on September 12.

Speaking about the new information, Genestrings issued a statement. “The (testing) facility has now been extended to air travellers leaving India for other countries.” And later revised saying that the testing facility will soon be extended to air travellers departing from India.

“Notably, international travel rules require passengers travelling from one country to another to produce Covid negative reports.” “The test is available 24/7 and is priced at Rs 2,400 as mandated by the Delhi government” the lab does an RT-PCR test which provides reports 4-6hours.

“As more people are now taking up international travel, Delhi Airport authorities felt the need to provide the testing facility to outbound passengers as well.” Said Director of Genestrings Diagnostic Centre.

Earlier, the Delhi International Airport started Covid-19 testing for International Arrival from September 12 at a multi-level car parking in collaboration with Genestrings Diagnostic Center.

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