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Bali is one of the many islands that are part of Indonesia. However, the interest that has awakened by the increase of economical flights to Asia, for its incredible landscapes and the different of its culture, is turning it into one of the most exciting destinations for tourists from all over the world. So today, we are going to know some curiosities about Bali.

A dream destination for tourists from all over the world, Bali still bathes in a spirituality of another century. To appreciate this island, dubbed the “island of the gods,” you have to open your heart and mind and try to understand or at least respect the beliefs and devotion of its inhabitants.

Curiosities about Bali and its Tourism!

  • Although there are more than 17,000 islands in Indonesia, Bali is preferred by tourists. Its beaches, its landscapes and especially its mixture of cultures make it ideal for almost everything.
  • The beaches of Bali are known worldwide for their many corners for surfing. In fact, there are several championships, and there are tourists who travel exclusively to practice it.
  • 80% of Bali’s GDP comes from tourism. The rest of the income comes from agriculture, mainly from rice cultivation, so you should not miss the impressive rice plantations in the north of the island.
  • It is said that the best spas in the world are concentrated in the city of Ubud.

Beyond the Differences!

  1. Bali is one of the 17,500 islands that form Indonesia and the leading tourist destination of the archipelago. Its main attraction lies in its beaches, landscapes and the mixture of cultures that coexist in this paradisiacal island.
  2. Bali is also known as “The Island of the Gods” for the number of Temples or Pure that there is in the island and for the fervent ones that are the Balinese.
  3. Kuta, the paradise of surfers, is the most popular beach. If you want to see spectacular waves, the best beaches are Canggu, Echo, Ulu Watu and Padang Padang.
  4. The cuisine of the island is a mixture of recipes from India, Malaysia, and China, but in the typical dishes, there is always ginger, chili, palm sugar, and tamarind. A true delight!

Some typical dishes: Babi guling (roast pork), satay (skewers with spices) with meat sauce and peanuts, nasi goreng, (a delicious dish of rice with coconut milk), lentils with soy sauce, cabbage and spicy meat with vegetables.

  1. Rethink once: There is traffic on Bali’s streets. To drive a scooter or car, you need an international driver’s license.
  2. Towards evening it smokes almost everywhere on the roadsides. The reason: Burnt Waste!
  3. Bali is a scooter island – almost everyone drives here by scooter or motorcycle.
  4. Refuel only at petrol stations? Nope. On Bali you can get your gas directly at the roadside, bottled in vodka bottles.
  5. The Balinese have a strong faith. That’s why there are small sacrificial baskets on the street every day that should give them a good life.
  6. Bali is a big Wi-Fi hotspot. There is almost free internet everywhere – even in the smallest cafés. There are so many things in Bali: swimming and sunbathing, surfing, diving, yoga classes, golfing, mountaineering and hiking, rafting, cycling or discovering the beautiful landscape and culture – here you will not be bored.
Bali Destination
Bali might defer the plan to open up for international tourists
Bali Destination Indonesia
Bali will open to International Tourists          
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