Indigo airlines Flight experience from Bengaluru to Male

Maldives is one of the favorite travel destinations which I love to visit. And due to the pandemic, it was difficult to travel and I missed traveling which was my love for years.

Start 2021 when the world was slightly returning to normal with travel to different countries started to gradually pick up, a vaccine was introduced and people became vaccinated and most importantly, countries started opening up and with this airline started to fly after months of halting, I planned my visit to the Maldives.

The Maldives started opening to tourists, and I planned my visit to this beautiful island nation and one of the airline companies which is trusted is the budget airline of Indigo6E.

Indigo6E, one of the budget airlines is back with the #Flyagain campaign.

If you are not aware, last month Indigo conducted a campaign where they convinced a couple to flyagain and it was a success.

Following this, I planned my visit to Male, Maldives, and finally, after a difficult 2020 without a year of travel, I made my visit to the beautiful island nation.

Indigo is back helping people to travel by following all the covid-19 protocols. The airline right from check-in follows social distancing, web check-in is the preferred method, and also temperature checks are taken so that there is no room for error.

The seats are cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectants, seating arrangements are changed to make it safer for tourists to travel.

Indigo is one of the budget-friendly airlines which is trusted among many Indian frequent flyers and they offer travel to various domestic and international destinations and one can make sure that the company is following all the precautions to make sure that every tourist will reach their dream destinations without any fear of contracting the disease.

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