Indians to get e-passport from next year.

Starting in 2021, Indians are likely to get E-passport and reportedly anyone who is seeking a reissuance and a new passport can opt-in for E-Passport from 2021. The e-passport will come from electronic microprocessor chip embedded in it.

As per reports, the Indian government has already initiated the process of e-passports where the government is getting ready for future-ready travel document which will deter theft, forgery and enhanced connectivity which will help to streamline the immigration process.

The government initially issued 20,000 official and diplomatic e-passports with microchips embedded in it which were on a trial basis. After a successful run, the government will introduce e-passport for all its citizens. This is an upgraded step from the age-old process of issuing passports with a printed booklet.

The new e-passports will follow the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and it will be tougher making it hard to destroy. The chip which comes in the front will have an international recognised logo which is of an International logo for e-passports. The process to get the passport would be the same where you need to log in to Passport Seva Kendra website and choose in the appointment date.With upgraded security, the microchip embedded in the passport will have all the vital information of the passenger and as well as an RFID (Radio Frequency identification) chip which will disallow unauthorized data transfer. And with the use of e-passports, all major airports will have faster processing times with more security and safety.

All the passport seva kendras in India which is under Ministry of External Affairs will start issuing e-passports soon with no changes in the issuance time. Speaking about e-passports, Minister of External Affairs S Jaishankar said that there is a need for higher security protocols for passports and with the issue of e-passports, it will help us to achieve the goal.  

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