Indian Railways has designed coaches for post-covid-19 travel

While it is still unsure when we get a full stop sign to the rising coronavirus cases across the world, travel is slowly starting and making baby steps towards catering tourists and travellers alike.

While Indian Railways one of the largest rail networks in the world has seen many ups and downs due to coronavirus cases where they had announced to open and closed the same due to government restrictions, they are beginning to design coaches which will help for tourists post-Covid travel.

Keeping COVID-19 in mind, Railway Minister Mr Piyush Goyal shared the details of special coaches that are being designed at Rail Coach Factory in Kapurthala, Punjab.The details of new coaches where changes will be made include

  1. Concentrating on hands-free amenities: As most of the facilities used in railways includes a lot of contact via hand, the new design includes many features that are mainly handsfree. This being said, some of the amenities such as using tap and soap dispenser comes with a pedal. The coaches in Indian railway will be set up with foot-operated devices for dispensing soap and tap water, the lavatory door also comes with pedal and so does the flush and latches inside.
    The compartment door is fitted with special latches that can be opened with a forearm.
  2. Copper Coated handrails: Since copper has anti-microbial and anti-viral properties, the handrails which would be having most of the contact will be done using copper. Copper is believed to degrade any virus or pathogen the moment it lands on the surface said the ministry.
  3. Titanium Di-Oxide coating: the titanium di-oxide coating will be applied over washbasins, lavatory seats, berths, snack tables, glass windows, floors and most of the places where there would be multiple human contacts. This prevents the growth of fungus and kills bacteria and virus, mould etc and most important enhance indoor air quality. The non-toxic coating approves US Food & Drug Administration.
  4. Plasma air purification: The coaches in Indian coaches will be equipped with plasma air purification system in its air conditioning duct. The plasma air purification disinfects the air as well as surfaces inside the coaches ‘using ionised air’.
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