Destination India

India removes all quarantine and testing for vaccinated travelers.

India has recently announced that it will drop quarantine and testing for travelers. This is according to the revised guidelines for International passengers entering India from February 14.

Tourism was reopened in India starting in 2021; however, due to the rise of Omicron cases, India placed a mandatory 7-day quarantine and testing on arrival for all international travelers. 

Due to the country being a hotspot for coronavirus, very few tourists have entered India since March 2020.

The Indian government has dropped mandatory quarantine for fully vaccinated tourists. Instead, tourists are asked to monitor their health for any symptoms for 14 days.

Additionally, India has also scrapped the mandatory covid-19 test on day 08. With this news, traveling to India will be easier from February 14.

All travelers should submit a self-declaration on the Air Suvidha portal before departure, including travelers, the last 14 days of travel, and the countries they have visited during this period. 

Travelers from specific countries have two options.

  1. Upload RT-PCR test report conducted 72 hours before entering India. 
  2. Upload proof of covid-19 vaccine.

    Unvaccinated travelers must

  1. Submit a factual self-declaration on Air Suvidha Portal.
  2. Upload a negative covid-19 RT-PCR test report a maximum of 72 hours before departure.
Destination India
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Destination India
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