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India relaxes Flying Rules to resume smooth air travel

As the airline industry is returning to the pre-pandemic period, The ministry of civil aviation has decided to relax some of the covid19 rules while travelling in an aeroplane.

As per the ministry, the rule of keeping 3 vacant seats as a medical emergency on international flights will be ruled away.

Also, the ministry has resumed the pat-down searches for passengers by security personnel at the airports and cabin crew are not required to wear PPE kits during flights any longer.

Amid the pandemic, the aviation industry was one of the most affected industries. As rules started to relax, the month of February saw a 20% hike in passengers with a total of 76.96 lakh domestic passengers, in comparison to January 2022.

The ministry of civil aviation has decided to relax these rules to resume the smooth conduct of air operations inside the country. Also, scheduled international flights are set to resume from the 27th of March this year. 

 “Airlines may carry a few additional PPE protective gears, sanitiser and N-95 masks, to handle any respiratory infections related to cases on air, for passengers as well as the crew.” Said the ministry in a statement. 

For passengers, it is still mandatory to use face masks and use hand sanitisers for safety. Security personnel who pat down passengers should wear face masks and also are required to use hand sanitisers after every pat-down.

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