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India gets its first museum of illusion at Delhi’s Connaught Place

One of the latest countries to get the Museum of Illusion is India, the museum of illusion 30 locations around the world, and in India, they are planning to open in the capital city of India.

The museum of Illusion is a spot where visitors enter the world of mental deception, it will open at Delhi’s Connaught Place and the one in Delhi will be its 30th location. This museum is going to feature 50 intriguing exhibits and also offer amazing fun opportunities.

Reportedly, the museum of illusion is home to a collection of immersive, interactive, and distinct exhibits which are based on Maths, science, and psychology. Once after visiting the spot, you will be prompted to learn more about tricks and perception and in a manner in which the human brain works.

With mind-boggling backdrops, the Museum of Illusion in New Delhi is a perfect museum to click unique photos. It is noted that the museum contains Reverse Rooms to defy the law of gravity, the Ames Room to shrink in miniature style and a clone table to check how a clone of you would be.

This museum features several mind-boggling backdrops which are designed against the backdrop of Delhi locations and this offers photo opportunities which visitors will not find in any other museums.

Apart from all these, this one-of-a-kind museum creates illusions of different sorts through Holograms, Turntables, Infinity rooms, Tricky Stick, Optical Illusions, along with other such amazing illusions.

The museum is located at Connaught Place and is open from all days from 11 AM to 8 PM.

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