In the view of the rise of Delta Variant, Europe considers issuing fresh travel restrictions

As the delta variant of coronavirus is wreaking havoc around the world, some of the European countries have decided to issue new travel restrictions. The Delta variant is more contagious than its previous variants and this is now a variant in concern.

As per reports, there are fresh travel restrictions are being imposed in the countries of Spain, Portugal and Germany.

Britons who arrive at the country of Portugal and those who are non-vaccinated need to undergo mandatory quarantine for two weeks upon arrival. Any traveller who is arriving in Portugal via Air, land or sea needs to undergo mandatory quarantine or show proof of vaccination. To skip the mandatory quarantine, one should show the proof of vaccination where they should be vaccinated with both the doses of approved vaccines.

Portugal has issued this rule as the nation faced criticism from the German Chancellor for permitting tourists from Britain to arrive at the country early this month.  As the delta variant is present in the country of Britain, Portugal said that it has seen the presence of this variant in the country.

Spain has also issued new travel restrictions for travellers from the UK where the travellers from Britain should show proof of vaccination and if not they need to produce a negative RT-PCR test report upon arrival.

Germany too has issued new travel rules where travellers from the UK, Russia and Portugal are restricted. The country has announced that only its citizens and residents can now enter the country but they need to go through a mandatory 14 days of quarantine upon arrival.

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