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Ignite your kids Tech creativity with SP Robotic Works

As the world is turning more technological, we have even seen robots serving us food, robots assist in the calculation and if you are a movie fan then you would have watched Interstellar where TARS assisted in many calculations, etc.

Some of the scientists had predicted that robots are the next supercomputers and what better way to learn Robotics early and feel interested during schooling?

To assist with this, SP Robotic Works, an ed-tech company has courses in Robotics where their Inventor Kit helps kids to make Autonomous Walking Robots based on one’s technological skills and knowledge.

These robotic kits have been designed and developed by academic experts, child experts, and the best tech brains where under their guidance, one can easily learn via AI-based learning.

Through a decent learning process which begins with the foundation of electronics and after learning about the concept of electronics will lead to mechanics and programming and finally reaching an ultimate target of guiding them to make their robots, the robotic kit has its course laid down methodically that it makes kids as well as adults easy to understand and get the concept.

The robotics kit has been designed and developed by Tech-brains, child experts and academic experts to bring out the best from a child and help them create under the guidance of AI-based learning. The progressive levels of the kit starts from the foundation in electronics, moving onto concepts in Mechanics and Programming – ultimately guiding them to make their own Autonomous Walking Robot.

The activity kit has over 100+ activities where one can learn about the art of Wall Follower Robot, Light Follower Robot, Fire Fighter Robot, Gardening Robot, etc

About SP Robotic Works

Founded by a team of highly charged individuals, SP Robotics’ idea is to make Indian engineering and STEM education reach a world-class level. Started modestly in the year 2012, the team had a humble start and started rising via their interactive and fun learning concepts where they took the idea of robotic learning upon them and helped the company grow heights. SP Robotic Works strives hard to be the #1 platform for robotic learning worldwide.

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