Destination Iceland

Iceland removes Covid-19 restrictions for citizens and eases tourism for travellers.

Iceland has removed all domestic restrictions and has eased covid-19 restrictions at its borders and all thanks to its efficient vaccination drive. Iceland has reported around 87% of its adult population with at least 1 dose of vaccine and around 60% of the population are fully vaccinated.

The country has now removed restrictions such as Social Distancing and wearing masks. Iceland has also lifted restrictions on the number of attendees at gatherings and opening hours. This makes, Iceland the first European nation to do so. There is a piece of good news for travellers as these new rules will also be applicable for travellers and these new rules have been implemented from June 26 onwards.

Another good news for travellers is that if a person is fully vaccinated then from July 01, those who submit vaccination certificates will not be tested upon entry. Furthermore, it has also been reported that children who are born after 2005 also need not show negative RT-PCR test results upon arrival.It is to be noted that the vaccine that the tourists have taken should be approved by European Medicines Agency.

Iceland health minister,  Svandís Svavarsdóttir said in a statement, “Continuous and honest communication between the people and our trusted scientists have contributed mightily to the population’s willingness to take part in the effort to minimize the harms of the pandemic. There has been a focus on maintaining a proper level of vigilance without either downplaying or exaggerating the risk. We are succeeding by trusting the good sense of the Icelandic people.”

Travellers who are not vaccinated against covid-19 however need to undergo an RT-PCR test and also quarantine for the period of 5 days upon arrival to the country.

Destination Iceland
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