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Hyderabad Haleem Festival at Punjab Bistro in Bengaluru

At this auspicious festival of Ramadan #macrotraveller was invited to try authentic Hyderabadi haleem. Haleem is believed to the traditional food of Arab Traders which during Nizam rule has reached Hyderabad. Hyderabadi Haleem is one of most favoured food during the auspicious month of Ramadan has due to its popularity it has been Geographical Indication Status (GIS) by Indian GIS Office. Traditionally, Hyderabadi Haleem is slow cooked in low flame with ingredients such as Meat, Butter, Spices, Milk and dry fruits to name a few, this makes haleem in a sticky smooth consistency. Hyderabadi Haleem is one of most popular Hyderabadi Cusine that it is exported to more than 50 countries.

Punjab Bistro a fine dining restaurant has organized Hyderabadi Haleem festival and it is available all through the month of Ramadan. This will give a food lover an authentic taste of Hyderabadi haleem in a fine dine place without any hustle in by lanes of the city, you can eat the dish in peace and also experience the smooth, flavour of a GIS Recognized dish. This restaurant has introduced 7 different kinds of haleem out of which 2 are vegetarian ones. Macrotraveller was surprised to check how would vegetarian haleem turn out.

Upon entering this fine dining restaurant we noticed its spacious and can occupy many diners at once. They have tables to occupy ranging from a family of two to any large joint family, which makes less queue. However as this is one of fine dine, you can expect waiting time. Once we took our seat we were eagerly waiting for the dishes to be served, we were given an array of Haleem variety. We were served with traditional mutton haleem, slow cooked in authentic Hyderabadi style this was one of the most favoured dish, we had options for Chicken, Turkey, Duck and Prawn Haleem. The non-vegetarian haleem was priced ranging from Rs340 – Rs575 and these were slow cooked with their signature spice.

As mentioned before 2 type of Vegetarian haleem were also prepared as part of the festival we were excited to try Kathal – a special type of haleem cooked with jackfruit, first of its kind here in Bengaluru the dish tasted on a similar line of non veg haleem was also slow cooked with their signature spice, apart from Kathal we were served Vegetable Haleem which had 7 different types of vegetable,2 type of whole grain and lentils also tinkered our taste buds. While Kathal is priced at Rs 295, vegetable haleem was priced at Rs 275. There was an option for pairing haleem with veg/mutton/chicken biriyani priced moderately with the taste of both Haleem and Biriyani.

After we had a share of Haleem, we were served with desserts and Sherbet. There was a hint of luxury and royalty in these items where we noticed saffron and rose petals/water were infused. They made us treat like Nizams of Hyderabad with these select dishes and desserts. Head out to Punjab Bistro to taste traditional Haleem, the festival started from May 17 to June 14 and is one of must try out dish here in Bengaluru.

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