How will travel be once the pandemic crisis ends

For many during the lockdown, this has been felt like being caged at home. People are awaiting the end of lockdown so that they could be free and start to roam places as they did before. But things get different the way we travel, the destinations that we look up to and the services provided etc. This will be a huge impact on the tourism sector even though it will come back slowly once the trust of people are built.  Convincing the customer again for travel takes a lot of time as there is no cure to the current ongoing pandemic and the people have removed the ideas of travel from their list until there is a definitive cure to this pandemic.

Here are some ways that the travel industry will be affected once there is slight ease in lockdown/travel.

India will witness a lot of domestic travel.

Yes, you read it right. Domestic travel Industry will boom in India until next year as people tend to stay close to home if and when any other restrictions are imposed. Travel to International Destinations is a no-go for many seasoned travellers as they are yet to seek complete confidence of the country that they travel to. Having been seen a spike in cases of Europe and the USA destinations people tend to choose a safer place in case of emergencies and for people in India, they tend to visit places closer to the home.

Health and sanitisation will be given more importance.

People tend to choose places where there is the nearest availability of hospitals or reputed clinics rather than visiting places just to discover. Which is why many tourist visit places with a good hospital, health care and places which are sanitary will be preferred than visiting a place just to witness the majesty of it. An example is people used to visit Dharavi Slums in Bombay where they used to book organised tours, but these tours will be affected hugely due to the fact that there is a scarcity of health and environment.  People will closely screen their place/destination before booking their tickets.

Shorter trips/ less use of public transport etc.

Given the fact that Covid-19 spreads from person-to-person, people tend to skip public transportation and use their vehicles which will lead to road trips to destinations nearby to their place of stay. Thus being said, Car-rental companies tend to offer many attractive discounts for you to enjoy the road trip and safely away from the general public.  With many states having restrictions, some places which are hidden deep in the specific states might get recognised. Major cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru have a host of options which many people tend to explore in coming days.

Hill Stations, Forests and National Parks might gain tourists

As many people rush to book their tickets, one will find nature, picturesque places to visit and also keeping in mind that there are fewer tourists around. This leads to people choosing hill stations, national parks and backwaters as their destinations as the perspective of people is that they would feel safe in the midst of  nature. And also, they want to connect with nature for peace and tranquillity due to the fact they would be staying at home all day during the lockdown and they need a sense of freedom.

People tend to skip host of activities, seminars or weddings.

With social distancing in place people tend to skip places where there are a large group of attendees such as meetings, seminars, weddings, movie theatres, malls etc but people do find ways to overcome this as recently I read that people are getting married with use of technology and this also includes less of attendees. If a person would try to organise an event then due to restrictions and social distancing, he will be asked to organise with a minimum number of attendees and they should follow proper guidelines. This, in general will cut down the cost of expenditure on these events.

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