Destination Turkey

How to Plan your Trip to Turkey from India

Turkey also known as the Official Republic of Turkey is a nation bordering between Central Asia, the Balkan Peninsula and Europe has a rich history. It has been inhabited by various civilizations such as Greeks, Assyrians, Thracian and Armenians. Perhaps the well known Ottoman Empire is the one which united most of Turkey after it was disintegrated during Mongol Invasion. But soon during World War I, Turkey was again disintegrated into various territories and under Mustafa Kemal Atatürk there was a Turkish War of Independence during the year 1919 which resulted in the abolition of Monarchy and the Republic of Turkey was formed in the year 1923. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk became the first president of the Republic of Turkey and since then it has been developing.

Turkey is a member of the UN, NATO, IMF and World Bank. It has been a member of various European Unions which makes Turkey an important member during the meets. In the year 2017, Turkey adopted a Presidential system of ruling which was formerly a Parliamentary republic rule and is a secular nation. Capital of Turkey is Ankara and Turkey’s largest city is Istanbul which was previously known as Constantinople. Turkish Lira is the currency of Turkey. The timezone is +3UTC or FET.

Being one of a tourist-friendly nation, Turkey has flight connections to its capital Ankara or to its largest city Istanbul from various other nations. They have over 75+ airports used for International, Domestic and Military purpose. There are 9 airports that are projected to open in coming years hence you notice Turkey is well connected in terms of air travel. According to a recent survey, Atatürk International Airport, Istanbul is one of the busiest airports in Turkey, second to that is Atatürk International Airport, Istanbul followed by Antalya Airport, Antalya. Many flights have their stop in Istanbul which makes it easier to explore the famous city when you land. Currently, there are direct flights from Mumbai and New Delhi to Istanbul, however Turkish Airlines a flagship carrier to Turkey is planning direct flights to Istanbul from various cities in India. Flight price starts from 470$ for a direct flight.

Entering into Turkey as Indian Citizens require a visa, however in 2013 Turkey relaxed the rule by providing Visa on Arrival for Indian Citizens holding a valid visa for US/UK and other Schengen countries. However, people who do not hold the valid visa for US/UK and Schengen countries need to apply for Visa beforehand.There are 2 types of Visa; they are Short Stay Visa – which allows you to stay in the country not more than 30 days and Long Stay Visa – which allows you to stay in the country for more than 30 days. The other difference between these two is Short Stay visa does not involve any paid activities and Long Stay will allow you to have Paid for work provided in the nation. There are 6 types of Single Entry Visa they are Tourist, Business, Seamen, Student, Work and Medical and 2 types of multiple entry visa they are tourist and business. People can choose either of the visa types when they are planning to visit.

Single Entry visa for Indians cost approximately Rs 4000 and multiple entry visa for Indians cost approximately Rs 13200. Single Entry Transit visa costs around Rs3900 however no Transit visa is required if we are not leaving Transit Lounge.

Visa Application Process:

1) A Properly completed Visa Application where it should be filled by Blue/Black Pen and should be of Capital Letters.

2) 2 photographs of 2.5’ x 2.5’ dimensions which should be latest and should have a white background.

3) Original passport which should be valid at least 6 months from date of arrival and should have at least 2 blank pages. There should be 2 photocopies of first and last page of the passport.

4) Salaried employees can provide Original Leave letter or letterhead of the employer along with salary slips of last 3 months.

5) A cover letter which should include itinerary, flight details and hotel bookings which should be valid.

6) Travel Insurance is mandatory.

#MTTips: Once the visa is issued, it is advised to travel within 180 days to Turkey. Hence plan your trip correctly and apply for visa 1-2 month before. An applicant can apply for a visa for a maximum of 60 days before the planned travel. Minimum processing days for a Tourist visa is 15 Working days and for Work Visa, it is around 25 Working Days.

Destination Turkey
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Destination Turkey
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Destination Turkey
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