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How to plan a trip to Taiwan #AsiasBestKeptSecret


#MacroTraveller has been invited to explore “Asia’s Best Kept Secret” Taiwan #TimeForTaiwan #HeartOfAsia and i decided to do my usual research on the destination so that i am familiar with the destination and capture the best experience.In Taiwan, you will find impressive mountain landscapes and beautiful waterfalls, unique culture with magnificent temples, many festivals but also ultramodern cities. And all that on a compact island that is excellently reachable. You do not want to miss out on these top ten sights during your Taiwan trip.

Perhaps, Taiwan is not the first place in Asia that you think of for an unforgettable trip, but Taiwan is incredibly varied and very special. A fascinating place with beautiful nature, special traditions and delicious food.

Here is a list of places and things to do in Taiwan that should be in your itinerary during your first visit to Taiwan.

  1. Taipei

If you decide to go on a tour in Taiwan, you probably start your journey in Taipei. This hypermodern capital is almost Japanese, with also Western influences. A special and colorful mix. The most striking building in the city is the 101 Tower where you have a beautiful view of the city from the top. You will also find all kinds of Creative Parks in Taipei that are definitely worth a visit. These are places spread through the city where old buildings have been renamed as trendy shops, cafés, and museums. Songshan, Taipei Artist Village and Huashan 1914 are very nice. Of course, you will also enjoy culinary on one of the many night markets.

  1. Sun Moon Lake
    Sun Moon Lake in the middle of the country is the place to enjoy a beautiful sunset in the arms of your loved one. But not only for romantic couples, but this is also a top spot. The beautiful lake is surrounded by beautiful green mountains, natural beauty, and beautiful temples in authentic villages. A fantastic place for hiking, a bike ride around the lake or for a boat trip!
  1. TainanTainan, in the south of the country, is the oldest city in Taiwan and was founded in 1624 by Dutch people. Nowadays this is Taiwan’s foodwalhalla and the number one reason to visit this city. Do you have your belly full, then you can also in Tainan excellent temple hopping because you will find here the most beautiful temples, historic buildings, and forts of the country. The Confucius Temple and the Stage Temple of the Martial God are highly recommended and you will also find beautiful Buddhist and Taoist temples.
  1. Taroko GorgePerhaps one of the most beautiful places of nature in Taiwan can be found in the Taroko National Park on the east coast of the island. The Taroko Gorge is a vast green gorge surrounded by marble cliffs, suspension bridges, and waterfalls. Of these, the Eternal Spring Shrine is the best known. It is an impressive piece of nature and the place for a nice walk through this breathtakingly beautiful environment.
  1. Zhuilu Old TrailAlthough this hike in Taroko National Park is only ten kilometers long, it certainly is not for the faint-hearted. A challenging hike with considerable height differences! Especially in clear air with little fog, you have a beautiful view over the entire Taroko Gorge. You have to take care of a permit because only a limited number of visitors are admitted daily.
  1. Tunnel of Nine TurnsOne of the highlights in Taroko National Park is a tunnel that you can walk through in just half an hour, but from the winding road that has been carved out of the cliff, you have an incredible view of the high marble cliffs.
  1. KentingTaiwan is an island so of course, you can also enjoy the sun, sea, and beach. The best place to do this is Kenting, in the southernmost tip of Taiwan. The active holidaymaker also comes to his necessary shot of adrenaline. You can parasail, jet ski and snorkel here or discover the beautiful coral reefs during a snorkeling or diving trip.
  1. Surfing in Donghe & Dulan

In the vicinity of the relaxed surf villages of Donghe and Dulan, you will find beautiful beaches that are ideal for surfing. A real backpackers hangout with a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere. You can take surfing lessons or rent a scooter and enjoy the beautiful surroundings, picturesque villages, and many waterfalls.

  1. Qingshui CliffNear the Taroko National Park, you will find these impressive, gray-green rock formations that shoot up from the bright blue ocean. The whole area covers 21 kilometers of spectacular cliffs, and there is also a special viewpoint at the Chongde Tunnel from where you have a beautiful view of the cliffs. You do not want to miss this natural wonder of Taiwan.
  1. Yangmingshan National Park

This is one of the nine national parks of Taiwan and is close to Taipei. It is a wonderful place with beautiful nature, sleeping volcanoes, and hot springs. Especially the miracle lover comes here. This is also the place to spot butterflies and special native birds.

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