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How to apply tourist visa for Japan

Japan, the land of earthquakes, the land of the rising sun, one of the most developed nation is in the list to visit for every traveller. A Japan visit is truly spectacular during Cherry Blossom period where you can notice the beautiful Cherry Blossom trees flowering and dotting the lanes of Japan which are a treat to watch.  You can also visit the snowy regions in Hokkaido or a beach vacation in Okinawa or simply explore the busy streets and shop in its capital region, Tokyo.

All year round, Japan gets you to explore its prefectures, giving you an umpteen number of activities and festivals which are conducted all year round, making Japan a tourist destination all year round.  However, depending on the matter of the visit, you can choose particular months. Regardless, the best time to visit Japan is in the months of March-May or from September-November, these months are particularly favourable for people to explore the vast island nation of Japan.

#MTtips : from the dates of the end of April to mid of May, Japan observes National Holiday called A Golden week which their citizens celebrate visiting places. This time is considered a busy time and you might notice the hotels would be fully booked and so do train and any other tour activities.

Any citizen of India visiting Japan should apply for Visa beforehand. Tourist Visa is usually a temporary visitor which allows you to stay for a maximum of 90 days and the visa is valid for 5 years. The visa is for the purpose of tourism, business affairs, and visits to relatives/acquaintances, so it is not permitted to perform activities to undertake revenue-generating business operations or activities to receive remuneration.

Indians who are eligible for a Tourist visa in Japan include citizens who are having Normal/e-passport and in compliance with International Civil Aviation Organization are eligible to apply having met certain condition.

  1. a) Citizens who have travel records as temporary visitor to Japan twice in the last 3 years and are having the financial stability to bear travel expenses. Also, applicable is a person who has visited G7 countries except Japan in the last 3 years.


  1. b) Individual who can bear his expenses, if Spouse/children are accompanying with the individual can bear the expenses of his accompanies and children.

These are the main criteria for Japan tourist visa. The necessary travel documents required to apply for a Japanese tourist visa without Guarantor include:

  1. I) A Valid Passport with at least 2 Blank Pages.
  2. II) A completed and signed copy of the Visa application form.

III) Proof of hotel reservation, return flight tickets, travel itinerary for the entire course of stay.

  1. IV) A copy of round-trip of the tour ticket.
  2. V) A proper financial statement from last 6 months needed to be provided which is authorized from the bank.
  3. VI) A copy of latest ITR filed return, birth certificate.

VII) If Spouse is accompanying, then a copy of marriage certificate.

VIII) A certificate of employment if applying via sponsor.

  1. IX) A person of sound mind who has an intention to leave Japan while your stay in Japan.

Steps to apply for a Tourist visa for Japan

  • Download Visa application form from the official website.
  • Fill the required visa application form with all the accurate details, do not forget to sign the document.
  • Kindly check all the documents required mentioned in the form, keep photocopies of all the documents.
  • Provide a recent colour photograph. The photograph should not be older than 6 months and should have a measurement of 2×2 inches in size and white colour background.
  • Apply for Visa which includes a visa application fee and required fees for visa. Based on the nationality the fees might differ. Do not that the application fees are non-refundable.

Kindly keep the photocopies of all the documents and be ready to provide any additional documents which might be asked by the consulate. Kindly note that it is better to apply for tourist visa 3 weeks before the scheduled date of departure so that there is enough time for application procedure and if the consulate asks for additional documents, one might be able to provide without any urgency.

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