How nature takes back whatever it provided amid Coronavirus Lockdown

As the whole world are now reeling under the deadly pathogen, SARS COV-2, Nature on the other hand is claiming back what it has provided to us, humans. We have seen many instances where has shown us how it can quickly recover from what harm that humans have done these course of years. Many instances have been recorded around the world where we can see that while humans are in lockdown, animals are roaming the streets and places which were once their home.

While Wild Boars have descended the hills of Barcelona, Deers are happily and freely roaming the streets of Nara, Japan. Wild Turkey’s are entering the streets in Oakland, California and a wild Puma has been recorded and witnessed in the streets of Santiago, Chile. The head of Chile’s agricultural and livestock service, Marcelo Giagnoni said “This is the habitat they once had and that we’ve taken away from them”.

Italy which has been severely affected by Covid-19 has seen clear water in the canals of Venice where Dolphins are seen, clear water has attracted many visitors which normally would not have been seen when it was filled with tourists.

Romain Julliard, the head at French Natural History Museum has said that Foxes try to change their normal habitat and try to explore other regions when a place turns quiet and they venture straight in there. Julliard also said that animals and birds that have adapted to urban areas try to explore and venture to different surroundings.

The animals or birds try to stop singing when there is traffic and more noise, which now they are singing due to less traffic and they feel free to sing. This is really a good season for them as mating season for most animals start now and it is suitable for these beings to find a suitable mate.

The lockdown activity has also helped many flowers bloom as they are quiet often picked by people but due to people staying at home, the flowers are blooming and it has directly helped the bees, butterflies which depend on them for nectar.

In India too, many nature enthusiasts have witnessed some of the rare animals venturing on the streets, oceans which were once hiding due to human activity.

In Kerala, people spotted a rare Malabar Civet Cat venturing on the streets, in Mumbai people witnessed Dolphins playing in Arabian Ocean near to South Bombay. Olive Ridley turtles have made their way to the beaches of Odisha where they are estimated that they have laid over 6 crore eggs. In Noida, people witnessed Nilgai roaming the streets, in the holy town of Tirupati there were herd of Spotted Deers were witnessed.

Thus providing you with some of the happenings in the world that is currently happening, we have witnessed how humans had taken control of the nature and how nature is reclaiming back what it had provided to humans.

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