How Coronavirus has affected India and how the environment in India is recovering

2020 was bad years since the start and with ongoing pandemic nations all over the world have been in lockdown which has resulted in people staying indoors throughout the day. This has resulted in shutting down the industries as there are no workforces to manage the industries. These industries while working used to pump out much amount of toxic air and water to the environment and with the result of them shutting down, people are witnessing clear air and clean water which was not the case a decade or two ago.

Here are some instances which the coronavirus has attributed to environmental cleansing.

River Ganga is fit for drinking

One of the most polluted rivers in India and one of the most sacred rivers, Ganges River is now fit for drinking in parts of Haridwar. This was not the case a decade ago when people used to throw out wastes and it has also been a dump yard for industrial chemical discharge. However, due to the nationwide lockdown in India and there is no functioning of the factory according to recent reports, this river water is now fit for drinking. Despite many governmental efforts to clean the river the task was not achievable which has now been achieved during the lockdown.

Delhi witnesses clear air

Last year the capital city of India, New Delhi was in the news of being one of the dangerous cities in the world in terms of Air Pollution. This was alarming as the air pollution tracker was always in the red signal, however, due to the nationwide lockdown recent reports say that Air Quality Index is shown fit as the air pollution in the capital city was recorded a 20 year low.  According to NASA’s satellite images, the aerosols in the capital and parts of North India due to the fact of less air pollution which was caused due to vehicular traffic, industrial discharge and burning of fossil fuels etc.

Himalayan Mountain Range visible from Jalandhar, PunjabResidents of Jalandar in Punjab witnessed something special due to the dip in air pollution levels. They could witness the Dhauladhar range of mighty Himalayan Mountains and people of Jalandhar took a couple of photos and videos of the same. It is said that these mountain ranges are located over 200kms away from the city and was not visible for more than 30 years.  The photos and videos were shared even by various news channels worldwide which showed how air pollution made us miss the natural environment.

Animals are roaming freely.
While many people are locked in, the wildlife has emerged as once their home was taken hostage by humans. In India, many people reported witnessing animals and birds coming to the location nearby and these were never spotted for years to decades. Various reports of animals such as Malabar Civet Cat, Dolphins, Flamingos, Olive Ridley Turtles were being spotted in different locations of the country and as they are roaming freely, people over social media are commenting saying this is the positive effect of the lockdown.

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