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Hot Air Balloon Experience in Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is Australia’s holiday amusement spot, located on the eastern coast of Australia. There is a bright sunshine, rolling white sand beach, crystal clear blue water, romantic palm forest, people here to travel and more people here added a lot of vitality and movement. The heart of the Gold Coast is Surfers Paradise.When you come to the Gold Coast, you must not miss a balloon ride to admire the amazing and unforgettable landscape! The balloon was slowly inflating and rising as we arrive at the aircraft base. In a matter of moments, a hot air balloon taller than ten stories is displayed in front of us! Experience a fun, unique 60-minute hot air balloon flight with a light, windy feel in the picturesque fields. In the vast expanse of earth feel the natural fragrance and the first ray of sunshine in the morning. En route to provide you with a safe journey at the same time, staff will give you a detailed explanation of each landscape, to answer your every question.


Let’s you in entertainment at the same time, and you can understand much about hot air balloon related knowledge, experience, and fun. After the hot air balloon landed, play a hot air balloon game with the crew and other companions. After that, drive to the Grapevine Restaurant for a champagne and gourmet breakfast to celebrate the success of the flight and return by air-conditioned car. Sound’s great, isn’t it?

Different perspectives, offbeat Gold Coast, one worthy of experience hot air balloon trip, what are you waiting for?

Surprise, again and again, memorable lifelong journey! Arrival at the flight site, I witnessed the breathtaking balloon inflatable process. Can you imagine it? The inflated balloon is even taller than a ten-story building! Fly on a hot air balloon over the hinterland of the Gold Coast. The magnificent scenery at a glance, in the early morning sun and breeze, slowly flew quiet and beautiful picturesque country wilderness. Enjoyed a 60-minute flight trip, took a deep breath in the endless wilderness and dazzled for the other colorful hot air balloons that fly into our field of vision.Floating in the sky, surrounded by mountains and fields from near and far. The basket was very stable in the air is safe and does not swing, if there is fear of height, do not be too scared, that feeling like standing on the high moving floor a bit. However, with the warm and cheerful character of Australians, he took a hot air balloon while taking pictures of everyone and introduced the landscape of distance.

#MacroTravellerTips – Do not worry about the fear of acrophobia reaction, soft and smooth hot air balloon flight safety.
Their professional pilots while driving the hot air balloon, will not only share with you exciting news on the hot air balloons, will also enthusiastically answer all your doubts, your hot air balloon journey will be filled with full of laughter. After landing, they will lead us to pack the hot air balloon, which was a rare and thrilling experience.


Note: Digital photos taken on a hot air balloon on the day can be viewed and purchased at


After a short drive, we arrived at O’Reilly Wine Estate. Enjoyed a beautiful glass of champagne and cheered for the lovely morning! Even enjoyed the rich western breakfast prepared to our delight in this dreamlike Australian vineyard.

What MacroTraveller Experienced?

  • Spectacular 60-minute hot air balloon tour.
  • Luxurious breakfast and champagne, it was delicious.
  • Visited O’Reilly’s, Homeland Vineyard, it was marvelous.
  • Explanatory comments by experts about the process. (Interesting)
  • Took hot air balloon commemorative certificate.

Overall, it was a fantastic experience, and I would try it again if I ever had the chance to! MacroTraveller Highly Recommend Hot Air Balloon Gold Coast

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Australia Destination Gold Coast
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