Here is your chance to save environment & money by using #UBERPool

I love travelling be it even within the city as well.The experience that I get by travelling is very enriching and that’s one of the reasons I quit my job to travel full time.I love to drive on my own but lately thanks to the excess population of Vehicles, Commuting within the city has become a task on its own and just adds to stress/Road Rage and Pollution which is why I decided to use cars for my local commute and it’s been over 3 years since I have been a regular user for public cabs and basically keeps me stress free as I am on call most of the time and it gets tough to drive and talk and not safe as well.So uber has been my first choice thanks to their impeccable service and support. personally, the experience has been consistent across the globe as I have used uber services in more than 8 countries till date.

We are the in the peak of winter season in India and having visited Delhi and Bangalore, I hardly seem to feel the weather change as I still use fan and AC even in winter, Thus the weather change has been alarming and in the last few years, the weather has taken extremes stances and pollution is one of the main causes of weather change. due to CO2 emission, our cities are suffering from an increase in vehicles that emitting poisonous gases.

My another important reason to travel via cabs is the traffic in most of the tier 1 cities in India and here travel is based on time rather than distances, sometimes it takes 30 mins to cover 1 km distance in Bangalore and this can lead to stress especially while commuting to work.

So the best solution for both alarming global issues is to use public and shared transport and Uber is doing an amazing job in encouraging people to do pool sharing and their initiative of Uber #SwitchToPool website showcases 35,988 pledges till date and 14,94,933 duplicate km saved due to the usage of UBERPool and 70,326 liters of fuel saved and 1,65,532 kgs of CO2 emissions saved and the most important thing is Rs 6,10,43,313 Rs rider saving saved.

Why #SwitchToPool: India’s cities see some of the worst traffic congestion in the world, with many individual car users on our roads. What’s more, congestion increases pollution. With 22% of all CO2 emissions globally coming from transportation, this congestion contributes to Indian citizens facing 4.4x to 12x the safe level of annual exposure to air pollution (World Health Organization, 2016).

Using public transportation and carpooling are ways we can take action today to combat rising congestion and pollution in our cities.

Uber has come up with a unique campaign called #SwitchToPool where you can win 1 whole free month of UberPool as simple as 1-2-3!!!

Pledge – Open your Uber App, go to Promotions tab and add the code given here (SWITCH2POOL)
Pool – Ride on uberPOOL through Jan. 4, 2016. Every trip counts as an additional entry to win.
Win – Pooling enters you into weekly drawings for a free month of uberPOOL. Winners to be announced each week on Thursdays, now through Jan. 5, 2016.

Let’s share love and happiness during the festive season and meet new people and save the earth as well by using #SWITCH2POOL and do our bit for mother earth.

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